IntelliShop Pizza Negotiation

I received an email from a scheduler for a pizza shop which a shop offering a $13 bonus for this pizza delivery. My question is, can I ask for $15 instead? Is that common practice when receiving an email offer or are you expected to take the bonus offered. I don't want to sound rude/greedy to this scheduler. Any seasoned shoppers?

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Rude? Greedy? You are in business for yourself. Treat your clients (the MSC) with respect, but feel free to ask whatever fee you deem sufficient for your time and the work involved. Only you can decide what rate that might be.

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Like Lisa said, feel free to ask whatever fee.
But also remember, even if the email was sent to you specifically, be sure you probably aren't the only one the scheduler is emailing.
If the extra $2 is that important to you, go ahead and ask.
If you'd rather not risk losing the sure thing, then take the $13 offer.
The highest they will go is $23. I just did two last night that they offered $13 and was granted the $23 each. Those were carryout shops at locations that were 10 miles away from home. I get $20 each for the location that delivers to my house.
I emailed the scheduler that if she could up the bonus to $15 I could do it that day or the next day. When she emailed me back she asked if I would do it this weekend if she gave me the $15. I accepted it for Sunday. That was a delivery. I'd like to see the carry outs get up to $20 again like they were for the last MSC.
I'm in awe that they throw money your way to have pizza delivered to you. ACL, take note....
I have to ask for it and I have to wait until it gets close to the deadline. Thankfully no one else in my zipcode gets pizza delivered to their address and they need more delivery shops. I am not the type to go sit somewhere like park or whatever to have the pizzas delivered to me, but I will do carryout shops that are close to home if properly bonused. Yes it would be nice if ACL would loosen up a little!
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