Travel expenses in hotel shops.

Hi gyus! I need an advice of experienced shoppers in hotel evaluation area. I have been working as a full time shopper around eight month. After I performed more than 1000 different shops, I decide to do more hotels shops. Probably it would not be more profitable, however, it could give me an opportunity to earn extra cash in airport shops. I love flying and it is an opportunity to have upscale life style even if it requires a lot of hard work. After I am starting applying for these types of shops I encounter with confusion about travel expenses. For example, Coyle ask to indicate amount of travel expenses which I would expect to be reimbursement from client. Sometimes I could see that maximum reimbursement for travel already indicated, but sometimes no. Especially, some hotel evaluation required to bring two persons. So how much is it OK asking to compensate? There are some hotels in my city, but some are located in different part of USA. I understand that I should not request to compensate an air tickets in business class or first class for VIP person, but some tickets even in economy class from my city to Los Angeles or Miami could cost me around 600-800$ what is probably a lot for two persons. Or not? What is your opinion?

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I have not worked hotels for Coyle but I doubt they would offer you any significant travel reimbursement, if any, when working within the US- especially when they almost definitely have someone in the local area that doesn't need a travel stipend.

I'm curious, though, if you've done a lot of work that requires heavy narratives. Hotels are tough and it appears that English isn't your first language. That will probably cause you some problems if you write narratives the way this post is written.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Hi Hoju! Thanks for your replay. English is not my first language. It is true. However, editors correct my reports and I do usually get a bit lower score (like 8-9 out of 10) because of some grammatical mistakes. I did so many shops which were required a lot of narrative and I had never had any shops rejected because of English was not my first language. I also have absolutely no problem in communication and always follow all guidelines. This is America and there are a lot of immigrants for whom English is not first language. In one hand that it is not bad look as an foreign visitor for some hotel shops. Of course, I admit that I have disadvantage. I could not write as fast as you can.
It makes sense your words regarding compensation. I also was wondering why do they offer sometimes 300$ compensation for shoppers in area where they have a lot of local shoppers for sure? Guess what was my thought? I think because Coyle works with approximately 60% of the same shoppers every single month. At least it is my impression that lion share of assignments go to the same shoppers.

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Hi Lena, I have not done a lot of Coyle hotel shops, only a handful, so I am relatively new to them. I think the most I ever received in travel compensation was $175 so I don't have any idea about how they figure that out. I know that if I am not traveling very far they do not like to offer compensation, and for some hotel shops they will not offer compensation at all. I suppose it depends on the client.

There is a member in the forum who knows a great deal more about it. Here is a link to a forum thread where you can ask him (SteveSoCal) questions: []
If they want you to do their project, they'll find it within their budget to fly you out, cover your rental, etc.

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...and the short answer is that your travel requests will prioritized and granted based on your experience with the company, scoring and amount. Some hotel clients have different limits than others. Anything over $500 is rare these days and not all clients will pay for a guest airfare. You have to check with the scheduler or support for details on anything you are considering.

I often line up 2 or 3 hotels in the same location to help meet the travel costs...and include my fee. It's not a profitable venture most of the time, but fun.
Coyle will pay if they can't find someone in the area. You can also fly on one of the airlines that SQM shops and get half off.

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@SteveSoCal When you request 2-3 hotels in the same location, are they with the same company? Are you able to request something along the lines of "I will take these three shops but will only do them if you give me all three during the week of XX-XX?" In other words, how do you ensure they are assigned consecutively?

I also know you have 10+ years of experience so MSCs may be more inclined to read your full request than mine, but I would still be interested in your response.

@laur371 wrote:

When you request 2-3 hotels in the same location, are they with the same company?

Sometimes. I might put a contingency in the request like, "I need at least 2 of these 3 properties..." and then list my choices in order of preference.

I might also negotiate a hotel or two from another company and offer to split the travel costs.
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