LIDL grocery stores cooler temp checks

Has anyone signed up for these? There is a company offering both a morning 7 hr shift, and an afternoon 6 hr shift, at $15.00/hr, to check the temperature in each of the store's coolers once per hour each hour for the shift. I think the email said there were something like 11 or 15 coolers, not sure which (I've deleted the email!) And if a cooler didn't meant the temp specs, that a phone call would have to be placed to initiate someone coming out and checking the cooler. These are for newly opened LIDL stores, of which there are a couple in my area, so this may be limited, and not seen by many shoppers.

I've been tempted to sign up for an afternoon shift, but so far, the 4 available in my area ( 2 morning shifts and 2 afternoon shifts) are still sitting there, and this is like the 4th day on the board. My question is, is it really as simple as it sounds?? Or is there some caveat unseen that makes this more difficult?? And if it IS easy, WHY is it still sitting on the job board???

Other than the info given in the email, there are no instructions accessible on the job board site, so I'm just curious. Any info anyone has would be helpful!!

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To the person who PM'd me, asking for the name of the MSC doing this job. NO....I cannot and won't give you the name of the MSC. It is a violation of the ICAs that we sign if we reveal the name of the MSC in the same post where the Client has been listed. And since the email I received from this MSC did not specify whether or not this was covert or overt, or whether it's considered mystery shopping or merchandising, and since the job board itself lists nothing as far as instructions, I'm not about to violate any ICA. If I find out it is considered merchandising instead of mystery shopping, then I can go over to the Merchandising side of the Forum and post it there. But since I'm not sure, I'm not going to reveal anything at this point. In this Forum, it is OK to list either the Client OR the MSC in the same post, but NOT both. And since the Client is listed in this post, the name of the MSC cannot be revealed, either on the Forum or in a PM. It is also a violation of the rules of this Forum. BTW, I have also PM'd you back this very same message. Have a good day!
It's a low cost grocery store that started in Germany. They are opening stores in US in mid-Atlantic states, VA to SC, as far as I know. They are a competitor to Aldi.
I've heard that they are a bit more upscale than Aldi and though they have very reasonable prices, that they are more on the lines of Kroger (not that I don't love Aldi). Kroger I think has a lawsuit against them and feels very threatened by their presence.
Oh, yeah, i think Kroger felt LIDL's private label name was too similar to their own and sued. Guysmom, have you been to LIDL's yet? Does it live up to the hype?
@ChrisCooper wrote:

Oh, yeah, i think Kroger felt LIDL's private label name was too similar to their own and sued. Guysmom, have you been to LIDL's yet? Does it live up to the hype?
No....dumb me!!! When I got the email, I read through it and figured it wasn't for me, so I DELETED it. And I have a habit of permanently deleting the deleted email once a day! So after I thought about it a while, I thought, ...hmmm... if all I have to do is sit there for 6 hours, and get up once an hr to check the cooler temps, at $15/hr, why not??? So I went to the MSC's web site, but they give NO information about it at all, other than the location, date, time and pay. So I thought if someone here had done one, they might be able to share what it was like. But no, Chris, I haven't been in the one that opened near me yet. I still frequent my area Aldi's most of the time, but I do plan on visiting the Lidl. And I concur what JAS wrote, I too, read that they are supposed to be just a bit more upscale than Aldi stores. Hubby & I are going away for a few days mid-week. If it's still on the boards when I get back, I'll take it as some sort of sign that I should contact the MSC and try to get more details. If it's gone, well, "Que sera sera!" !!
Kroger lost their court case against Lidl for product name similarities. There's a video with this article, and it shows that Lidl offers only organic and sustainable products. Fresh, organic pineapples are 89 cents. The stores are small, carry mostly their own private brand, and you must be willing to shop out of cardboard boxes. They plan on expanding rapidly in US. I'll give it a whirl when/if one opens near me. []
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