First Grocery Store Shop, Epic Fail!

So, I thought I was on a roll. I had completed a few successful shops(go me)! I then thought I could handle a larger store grocery shop! NOT!!! It was so much to remember, not to mention, I tried to do two the same day! Not sure what the heck I was thinking. Well, needless to say, things went down fast. There was so much to remember. Another big mistake...I got home and right away started on the reports. I should of had dinner and cleared my mind first. I just wanted to get the reports out of the way, then relax. Ugg!

I did get discouraged but I am not going to give up! I am actually looking forward to my next shop. Thank goodness I have a few days to reflect. Oh, and no more large food store shops for awhile!

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Well, as a female shopper, I normally take a shopping list with me -- and I jot down notes on it. In shorthand (yes, I am THAT old, LOL!!!) way anybody can tell I'm actually writing "Cindy; glasses, shoulder length blond hair, tat visible on neck".

Another alternative, when the first shop went south, you could have gone home and rescheduled the 2nd shop.

Just suggestions, of course -- YMMV.

And it does get easier.
Hi, yes I had my notes. I am old lady too! LOL! I did not think to reschedule. Just think I tried to move to fast. I am going to slow down and just take easier shops for awhile. I learned my lesson! (smile).
There is not a single shopper among us who can claim that they never had an "epic fail," so don't get too discouraged. You have already solved much of the problem; you've analyzed what went wrong, and you know what steps you need to take to prevent that in future. Take it slow and easy, don't over-schedule. Use your smartphone to send text messages or memos to yourself; no one "thinks twice" about seeing people on their smartphones, and it is perfect for taking notes--no need to have to remember so much! Good luck! Enjoy the ride! You'll be fine.

Good for you for not giving up. Besides my "grocery list" I use my cell phone. I slip down an aisle after my encounter with an employee and quickly write down my info.
Tyshop, Don't give up!!! They DO get easier as time goes by! As others, and you, have mentioned, I too, take a "list" in a notebook with me. When I finish a particular dept, I walk away and down an aisle somewhere, turn the page of my notebook, and make cryptic notes to myself about the person I just evaluated. And since the bathroom usually has to be evaluated, I'll go in there as needed, and hide in a stall, and make more in-depth notes if I need to. Hang in there!
The longer you shop, the less notes you will need to make, It becomes second nature to you. I use a small notebook for every shop and that will refresh my memory when I sit down to input the shop. it does get easier. Hang in there,
Ty, on rereading the thread, I have some questions -- did you cancel the shops? You can contact the scheduler, apologize all over yourself, and offer to re-do the shops, or reschedule (unless they are those that are clear there is no rescheduling allowed -- but you can STILL apologize). Schedulers and managers and company owners KNOW we are all human, and make mistakes. If you are up front, apologize, offer to re-do the shop, etc., and are polite and businesslike, you MAY discover that this has done your shopping career no harm at all. In fact, being upfront and communicative MAY win you points.

I have a mantra: communicate, communicate, communicate!

Do, please, keep us posted.
Even when you've been shopping a few years a shop may go sideways and end up an "epic fail". I just had one the other day. I offered to reshop, and was thanked for the offer and my self assign privileges have not suffered at all. It is your overall body of work and your willingness to communicate, along with the already impressive facility you have for taking responsibility, that counts to schedulers and MSC's.
Those grocery shops do get easier.
never had epic fail due to my actions. have had epic fail when nothing went right or according to guidelines making it next to impossible to complete report the way it should be. contacted scheduler (communication) & explained. she told me to do best i can, explain what happened in notes & submit. report accepted & i got paid. msc still posted again as a reshop for abother shopper.
Grocery stores are challenging at first, but you get the hang of it quickly. Once you've done one chain, a new chain is that much easier. If you're not using a smart phone, get one. My go to explanation if sales people see me on it is "I'm in a bidding war on eBay." Everyone understands that.
I what's app my husband all the things that i should remember while doing a shop. He sometimes posts a question mark but after 2 yrs he ignores it..LOL..Sometimes , there are names and physical descriptions to write down. I what's app that too. There are too many shops sometimes and people get mixed up!..I still love web and phone shops. The visits always pay more though.
@TyShop wrote:

Hi, yes I had my notes. I am old lady too! LOL! I did not think to reschedule. Just think I tried to move to fast. I am going to slow down and just take easier shops for awhile. I learned my lesson! (smile).

Ty, you learned from the experience, so the shops weren't epic fails after all!

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I also use my cell phone to record my interactions. I rarely need to refer to it, bbut its just an extra measure. I have found that merely speaking the info to myself out loud helps me to remember when report time comes.

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