Grocery stores in TX?

I'm trying to help my cousin get started with MS, but she is in North TX and I'm in VA. She wants to do some grocery store shops, but the companies that I know of that do those in my area don't seem to have any in her area. Does anyone know any companies that have grocery store shops (any one, not picky) in the North TX area? Thanks!

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I don't live near Texas, so I can't answer your question, but the reason you may not get an overwhelming response to your question is because the shoppers who specifically know the answers, are going to be competition to your cousin. They may not be inclined to help their competition and just hand over that info. Your best bet is to tell your cousin to sign up with the big guys like The Source, and Marketforce, and see what they have.
The Source had nothing in her area. Thanks for the information. I will certainly keep it in mind in the future.
The Source does not allow new peeps to sign up for their shops right away, there is a waiting period. I can't remember exactly, but I think it was a month or so before shops started showing up and I was completely amazed at how many there are in my area! Even in the first few weeks after that first month or so only a few shops showed up. I completed those and then, every Wednesday, ba-bam a boatload of shops.
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