Grocery Store Shop - Cashier Giving Discounts

I've experienced this in the past where the cashier gives me an extra discount, so I just grab a candy bar to put on my order to get over the required total for my mystery shop but it always throws me off. My experience yesterday:

Had about $10 in groceries where the requirement was $9. The coupon machine spit out a coupon for a bigger size of a product I was buying for $2.50 off. The cashier scans the receipt, it doesn't work but she pushes it through. I told her I didn't buy that size product. She says not to worry about it. Not wanting to stand out, I say,"Ok, let me just get some candy." So I throw some candy on the belt. She rings that up and adds more discounts so my total is once again around $7.50. I add more candy. She puts more discounts so the total is still $7.50 for the third time. I tell her to please stop adding discounts and add even more candy and she gets kind of strange and is like,"I have never heard of anyone not wanting a discount!" Eventually, after picking up a bunch of candy that I really didn't want nor need, I finally got my total to $10.15 and managed to leave.

Obviously, I reported this to the MSC because my receipt has so many discounts on it and it was really awkward.

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As long as it gets approved, you've got a lot of sweets to eat. Or you can give away for Halloween.
You know, that's true. I don't really eat candy that much and would have preferred not to have it at all, but I guess I did get some good mints and the kids will love me.
LOL! I'm sure that is probably why they are being shopped when this associate is working. Can you imagine what she/he gives out in a day.
I'm jealous. All I've ever gotten for free s a cup of coffee. The first random thing I saw was a bin of apples.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
The Op says----->"Had about $10 in groceries where the requirement was $9 and in the end your total or reimb was up to $10.50." Is that a problem?

While none of us want to go over the reimburse fee, sometimes we do. It is not held against us, if we use coupons or other dis-countable offers.

The only thing the MSC/Clients do not want, is for Shoppers to use food stamps or a government subsidy allowance. So, if the amount you finally get paid is shop fee and $5, you still are ahead of the game.

Yeah you got extra candy, which you really did not want. But now, it is a Halloweeny treat. grinning smiley As long as you spent $9 for reimbursed, you'r good.

BTW, who would not want ~~$25 worth of groceries for $10.50.

When you do grocery shops, have your coupons and the stores discount/reward offers, hand in hand, it makes a better shop.smiling smiley

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You can coupon away as much as you like, but they want the total to be $9 or more after all discounts and they'e quite adamant about this aspect. I would have definitely reported this person and been thorough in my explanation but it might also get you spotted on camera since they're going to look up discounts and see where they're coming from.

Dunno why. I was "outted" at a shop -- they argued on my last three reports! GAH. It was the one closest to me and I couldn't shop anymore at that one spot. They tried to balk on me. On the last shop day, the little store that usually had 5-6 back end associates had 28-34 people running around in different areas and I knew something was amiss.... trying to get a perfect shop score when more associates is more chance for a goof up on either of our parts. I digress.

At any rate, I've had a cashier forget to ring up my gum, one that gave me free cat food because they machine didn't recognize the product (it was a wet food pouch on clearance), one that rang up something weird and I paid for without my bananas were keyed in as Hershey Icecream. A shop where I was given the receipt of a guy who just bought some fruit and they acted as if they couldn't print another copy for me (ended up getting a sheet of paper that looked like a notepad doc with my ticket) Oooh one that was in a domestic dispute with her spouse and didn't so much as look at me or say thanks and one who dropped my change on the floor and did not pick it up or apologize. I scurried around chasing coins. Meh. Which, I could have left on the ground but I live near a dar n $0.40 toll plaza that isn't manned so coins is a precious grinning smiley

My total reimbursement was only $9, thank you very much. So I ended up paying a bit more in the candy than I had originally planned because she kept giving me discounts and I had to scurry and try to bring that total up, not just once but several times. I would rather not have $10 in free candy that honestly I'll probably just throw out because I'll be out of town on Halloween and don't generally eat candy. It's a waste, for me and the grocery store. So what? It was just stressful and I was trying to vent. Additionally, it's probably good I'm the mystery shopper because if she does this with every customer, they are going to lose money.

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MountainCacher - wow! your experiences made me lol smiling smiley especially the domestic dispute, thank you smiling smiley
Halloween is not only in your city. It is nationwide. So take the candy with you.grinning smiley If you paid $10.15 and your reimburse was $9. You made out like a fat cat. Put that $1.15 in your allowances on your taxes. You said that you were stressed, that could be the reason you did not see the advantage. The store has a better chance of gaining money when coupons and discounts are rewarded to the customer.

Sorry you had a stress shopping experience. sad smiley
On one of my early grocery shops I only bought the required $10 worth of groceries. With tax should've been $10 + change. Didn't use my loyalty card (as suggested not to do) but the cashier scanned the store card and darned if I didn't save $2.99! I was so new that I just left the store and emailed my scheduler and explained what happened. Her only question: How many items did you put on the conveyor and what was on the bottom of the cart? (7 cans of veggies and a bag of apples) She said that was fine. smiling smiley I never spent so little again. In doing these shops for over a year, 10 shops per month, I gave up counting the unscanned items, the misscanned items, and the number of bags vs the $0.03 per bag used. The only shop I ever had rejected was the time I accidentally bought beer. I NEVER buy alcohol so it just never occurred to me it was a prohibited product. Went back and reshopped w/o complaint because it was certainly my fault.,
sojo - Thank you for the advice, but you and I clearly travel differently. I am a minimalist. And when I say that - think carry on for 3 weeks in Europe. Again, extra effort (albeit you could look at it differently in your situation) on my part all around - which again, the candy is probably going in the garbage because I only live with one other person and they don't eat candy either and I don't really associate with anyone I would feel comfortable giving it to. Again, thank you for the nice suggestions and trying to turn this into a positive experience for me but it just wasn't and isn't and that isn't going to change unfortunately. If only I could feed my cat chocolates I guess lol.

kryswyn - that's awesome! Actually the shops I was doing you can buy alcohol and I have in the past, it's a good way to save money on the booze....although the booze in grocery stores here is a less % than the liquor store, but a free booze run is a free booze run! I should've told this cashier to wait a few minutes, I forgot my beer!
This is really funny! What the cashier must of been thinking as you keep adding candy to your order. ha ha. I agree with the poster that said give it out for Halloween! You'll look like a rock star giving out big candy bars!
Or you can save up the candy which I am sure will not expire that soon and take a post office shop when you get back. Any number of posters would like a box of candy from you myself included.
But seriously. If there is a homeless shelter in your town they would probably take the candy as a donation...a senior center also would put them out. Even your local school which prob will soon have Halloween parties. My mom told me her senior center has donuts so I am pretty sure they have no issue with sugar.
Have a nice vacation.
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