Trendsource Medicare insurance shop question

I have done two of these shops so far, and have two more to complete. Each is for a different broker.

When I arrived at the second shop on Tuesday there were three people in the room. Two of them were from the brokerage. The third was a representative of the insurance company, and THE SAME PERSON that was at my first shop. He gave me a raised eyebrow, but didn't say anything. At the beginning of the presentation he stated to the group that he was there to record the presentation "for quality control purposes".

I disclosed everything in the report, then asked the MSC what I should do if I run into the same company representative another time. The response I got showed (that there may be a different broker than the one on my paperwork) showed that the person hadn't completely read the question. I tried again. This time the response was along the lines, of 'if you have the same broker get his card and report it as a no go'. Again, not the information I needed.

I'm trying a third time, but I'm not confident this one will be any better. What would you do?

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That is one of the risks that you take. But and I saw But they know they are being shopped they don't know who the shopper is. But most of them will not say anything. So as the other people will not know.
I did one of theses shops. The agent I was looking for was Agent B. Everything was good until, Agent A was assisting Agent B in his presentation. I was shopping Agent B but b/c Agent A was there. I could not properly shop Agent B. Agent A was a friend who had assisted me in signing up for the program.

I informed the MSC and I got a business card from the table and left. I received full payment. I now try to pick Mdicare shops from different districts.
OP, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! When I arrived for the presentation, Agent A was there, and his son, Agent B was there also. Then, just before the presentation began, in walked the representative for the insurance company, to do "quality control" on the presentation!! All went well, and Agent A did a great job. The representative had to leave about 10 minutes before the program ended. But here's the thing.....I was the O-N-L-Y person to show up for the presentation!!! SOoooooo......I have not signed up for anymore shops with this particular Medicare Client, for fear of running into the insurance rep at another presentation!! I did sign up for 3 of their agent shops for a different Medicare Client in the big supercenter stores.....all different agents, and no reps watching them!!!

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