What would you do in this situation?

I am throwing this question out there as I am wondering what other people would do in this situation.

Recently I did a bar integrity shop at a local airport business hotel. I had two rounds of drinks as permitted by this shop - my drinks were my drink of choice which is gin and tonic. Unfortunately the drinks were made very strong - very very very strong in fact - and towards the end of the shop, though not completely intoxicated, I was very much feeling the effects of the alcohol and did not get a specific time I left the hotel bar and ended the shop. Also my last two timings are estimates, too.

I contacted the scheduler for this shop who recommended that I estimate the times I was unsure of for this shop the best that I could. Which I did - but in the overnight I heard from an editor via email who wants confirmation of my times. So I emailed the editor back, told them what had happened and that my times towards the end of the shop were estimates and that I was following the instruction of the scheduler by estimating these times.

I then offered two options - One is that I am willing to reshop this shop but the only problem is that I will not be able to squeeze it in until December 14th due to being very busy. I stated that I realize that this is a business and that perhaps the client would not amenable to rescheduling this shop that far out. I stated that I understand if the shop is given to another shopper, and I also stated that I would be happy to walk away from the shop and waive any payment. I'm thinking this last option is for the best.....I don't see what else I can do at this point.

What would you do in this situation?

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I think that you have provided a professional response to the editor's/client's QC concerns and should not be worried. In future, you may want to remember that finishing that second drink is not required, at least not in my experience since 2005.

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I think your response to the editor was fine. If I were in your shoes, I would:

A. Stop drinking as soon as I realized I was getting tipsy to the point of confusion. Use my phone to text/email the timings.
B. Make sure to comment on how strong the drinks were. Especially comment if the pour counts did not make sense.
C. Get the scheduler's instructions in writing.
D. Comment on those instructions in my report.
Thank You both for your tips and pointers.......things ended well. I really like the MSC involved and the editor sent me an email after my explanation and said that things were fine and scored me a 9/10. Also the scheduler I had for this shop was top notch and very helpful - the MSC is Data Quest and I can see why they have a good rep here...in my experience with this MSC this good rep is deserved. Also - in the future I will switch my drink to a glass of Merlot and if I can skip a second drink or at least not finish it, I will. And the tip on texting timings.....good advice!

Came back to add that I did mention in my report how strong the drinks were......good thing that I was light railing and bussing it home as it would have been unwise for me to drive after leaving the location.

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Sometimes I make my second drink a club soda. I've never had a problem having the shops approved.

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I am surprised you can order a non-alcoholic drink for your second drink. Most bar shops I've done won't allow that.
I had a bar integrity shop at a concert where I had to purchase two alcoholic beverages from each of six bars in a three hour period...... I abandoned drinks on empty tables.... I poured a couple into a sink... I walked off simply leaving drinks on the bar (it was really busy).... And I drank a couple.

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That second drink is usually to test whether or not the bartender offers a new drink within a certain period AND to prolong the observations of other issues such as comping too many drinks, serving inebriated patron or those who appear to be underage, etc. I have NEVER seen guideline that says that it must be consumed.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
I liked your professional offer to the MSC though if it was me I don't know if I'd be that honest about getting tipsy lol. There are some great lessons learned for next time: don't drink it all, or ask for a non-alcoholic drink.

You might be able to say you're going out to make a phone call and will be back and bring the drink with you, then lose the drink on an empty table or pour it down a sink. If you're a woman, its not too unusual to bring a drink with you to the bathroom for safety reasons.
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