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Hi, I have been doing mystery shopping a little over 3 months. I love it and I heard about a company that does field service. Does anyone know about these types of companies? Where can I find them? I apreciate all your help.

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Yes I am currently a field service representative for []. They are looking for field reps in your area. If you decide to sign up my number is 415802. I am currently working on two assignments. Other then that I am not sure of any other company. Good luck!
Hi, I just want everyone to know the is legit. I have been doing mystery shops for them about 5 months. I have never had a problem getting paid.
One thing I did want to mention, 2 months ago I was talking to a scheduler. She gave me some pointers on mystery shopping, one piece of advice she gave me was to NEVER pay to sign up with a company. You shouldn't have to pay them to start shopping with their company. Its not like mystery shopping is a great pay job. It is good for me to supplement my income around my schedule at my regular job.
I keep getting e mails from mysteryshop on line, they have shops in my area. I am signed up as a bronze member, now to access the information you have to be signed up as a gold or silver member. Guess what you have to pay to achieve that gold or silver status. So in other words the free sign up does you no good what so ever. I think its relatively cheap like $9.99 or something, but still I am not paying to get a job. I keep getting the emails about jobs in my area, with my bronze membership I am not allowed to get the details on the job. The emails are from Jans, Jacob. Does anyone have any information, or history with that? I am rather curious.
I was wondering about this type of shop and audits as well. Are they easier or about the same as a mystery shop?

I signed up with Mysteryshop and it was a good place to start. What I did was pay the $9.99 for 1 week of gold membership, and registered will all of the companies that I was emailed jobs for. If you don't want the whole $99 commitment, it is a good way to start. Just be SURE to cancel your membership before the week is up or you will be charged the whole amount.

I received and shopped more than enough to cover that amount and then some. I may re-register again as a gold member as the offers seem to ebb and flow. Maybe it's because of the holidays.

I haven't made a ton of money, but average about $15 each and have done about 25 since August. I have found that bank shops seems to be the best paying. I try to also register with one or two new companies a day.

I have one question. Is the use of a digital voice recorder acceptable practice? It would be so much easier to accurately report detail, but I didn't know if it was ok.
I have been shopping for two years. I started with Shadow Shopper. Yes you could spend time applying to companies and that's fine. I received so many great shopping jobs and also demo jobs. I tried their gold but the silver if fine . I know how much it pays,where it is, and details before signing up with a company.After awhile you will not need them but for a least six months to a year they delived great jobs to my email.
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