1099-Misc Forms

I'm expecting Market force and Intelli-shop to send these out to me this year since I topped $600 for both, do they usually get them out in january? I'm not sure how this income will affect my tax situation in 2017 and am anxious to get the filing over with.

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By law 1099s are supposed to be mailed by January 31.

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Can You Market Force workers who have the 1099 give me the their FED ID number so I can file my taxes. Still have not gotten my 1099 yet. I know what I made and ready to file.
I thought I was also missing my 1099 from Market Force until I looked at my payment history and their tax information. Although I received more than $600 from MF, about 1/4 of it was reimbursements which do not count towards income. So my only 1099 has arrived. My paperwork is off to the accountant's tomorrow.
No 1099( income over $600)? No tax ID #? You still have options. On tax return when you asked if you have income to report that you have not received a 1099 for just ANSWER YES ( and follow #3 listed below). OR 1.Log on MF website & check under your account for 1099 OR 2. Email help desk for 1099. OR 3. On MF website all payments for the year are listed. Add payments you received Jan- Dec. Use that for your total income (DO NOT include reimbursements as income) (And DO NOT include work you did in Dec 2017)- because you didn't get paid until Jan 2018. SIDE NOTES: Make sure that your financial records matches with MF's records, payments, etc. The amount of income reported on my 1099 was identical to amounts of income that I notated on my own notes for the year. Just my opinions, good luck.
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