Need help with "In-Store Grocery Signage Audits"

I received an eMail offering me a "Shelf Signage Audit". I have never performed this type of assignment, however, the small amount of information that was in this email, looked appealing to me. So, I signed up for it. I just received the guidelines last night, and after reading them, I am now in a panic. The assignment is scheduled for tomorrow between the hours of 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM. The guidelines are 16 pages long and I really don't understand what I am supposed to do. Mostly, I don't understand the terms that are in the guidelines. For instance, what is an AdPOP? And, what is a CouponPOP, and DealPOP, and InfoPOP? I'm instructed to take the Guidelines with me so that I can fill in the details during my Shop. But, I can't fill it out if I don't understand what the question means. Another for instance: Was the BladePOP in good condition? I don't even know what a BladePOP is, so, how would I know if it's in good condition or not?

This may be a really stupid question, but, should I get in touch with the Scheduler and tell them that I don't know how to perform this job? Or, is it appropiate to ask the Scheduler the same questions that I have posted above?

I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer.

Oh, lastly, the guidelines instruct me to dress appropriately for the visit. Can anyone tell me how I am supposed to dress? I'm guessing that jeans are probably not what they are referring to for dressing appropriately.

Panic in PA

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POP = Point of Purchase

All these descriptions relate to shelf talkers, ie. coupons, advertisements, information/description tags, etc. I'm not sure what the BladePOP is, but it may be the sleeve or transparent channel on the end of the shelf that holds the attachment for the tags, etc.

Dress appropriately would normally mean business casual, ie. khaki or dress slacks and a dress or polo shirt with a collar (no t-shirts).
I did two of those shops today and the picutres of what I was looking for did not come out when I printed it and then I only got three pages. I actually had to copy and print and move to Word and then print it out.
It is really a pretty easy shop and most of the signs were pretty visible. I actually called the scheduler but she did not return my call.
The real problem that I had was my printer stopped working and I could not send the invoice and could not print it out.
I did one of these shops today and will do another one on Friday. The photos did not come out on the PDF instructions. I sent an email to the scheduler and told them the photos did not print and received the photos as an attachment to an email. Once you see the photos you see they are various styles of signs that are placed in a grocery store to promote the products. This took me time as I was not familiar with some of the products. Also one item listed in frozen foods was actually in the refrigerated section. If you have the full set of questions printed and allow yourself enough time you will quickly make sense of the terms. A blade pop (point of purchase) is a tall thin sign, a coupon pop is a little box containing coupons for the customer, etc. If you can email the scheduler and obtain the photos it will be much easier. The instructions that print out are just not complete.

My biggest problem is with the comments required on each section. I am still working on the report.
lame1 Wrote:
> Dress appropriately would normally mean business
> casual, ie. khaki or dress slacks and a dress or
> polo shirt with a collar (no t-shirts).

I always get "dress appropriately" confused also. "No skirts, high heels or flip flops".

Are they talking to one gender or both?
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