Is there are any one who works at TrendSource?

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Your post is confusing and does not sound very professional. Are you an employee of a mystery shopping company and are you attempting to recruit mystery shoppers currently working for TrendSource to perform similar assignments for your company? Or are you a mystery shopper who has questions about user and computer issues when filing TrendSource reports?

Please identify yourself, disclose the fee you are willing to pay, and tell us specifically what tasks you want performed. If you are a mystery shopping company recruiting, your post probably belongs on the Job Board rather than in a discussion area.
Talk about being professional! Reported as probable scam.

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Given the additional information provided in the OP's second post and the lack of identifying information, I also reported it as a probably scam.
This is not a scam. Everything comply Federal Law. Non of users in this forum not have any PII.
A credit card processor is losing money due to on-site inspections? That just doesn't make any sense.

Unless potential clients were not passing the inspection because they have poor security measures. In that case, it would be better to let clients know what security measures they need to have rather than offering to pay more for inpectors who will "fix the problem."
You claim to be head of HR of a huge firm and that you are recruiting folks, but not mystery shoppers "because it is unprofessional." You state that you are not running a scam. YET:
1. You posted on a forum specific for mystery shoppers.
2. You won't name your company.
3. You won't identify yourself.
4. Your English is poor. The head of HR for a large company would hire somebody to edit your posts.
5. You use profanity. (See "unprofessional."winking smiley

Yes, you sure look like your are running something nefarious.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
1. You will not likely find folks who work at TrendSource here. We are all independent contractors.
2. If you are a legitimate company, you should not be ashamed of naming yourself publicly.
3. See #2.
4. Presenting yourself with poor language speaks poorly of your company.
5. If you were not doing something shady, why not contact TrendSource directly?
6. I am not "making fun" of you. I am pointing out that your posting here raises all sorts of red flags for folks who work in an industry rife with scam artists. I am also giving you a chance to appear legitimate by explaining why your come across poorly and suggesting that you publicly identify yourself. If you are running an honest business, you should have zero hesitancy to openly tell us who you are.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
The head of HR at TSYS speaks English as his first language and is not Polish.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
The names are easy to find. Trades under TSS, Columbus, Georgia. I am curious blaroux what you want. This thread has gotten confusing too me!
Hey Sparky, the mods don't work for you.

I am concerned someone on this forum may have contacted this half-arsed scam artist. It is too bad it was not deleted as soon as it was posted.

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I'll be on the look out for "new clients" from The Source as this person probably is looking to hack.
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