Publix compared to other grocery shops?

Publix has come to my area, and thus, so has the mystery shop for it! I'm curious to know how the shop requirements compare to the requirements for Lowes and Ingles (those are the ones I'm already familiar with). From reading this forum, I get the impression that you have to ask a question that's the equivalent of a neon sign flashing "Mystery Shopper".

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I don’t know the brands you speak of but I find Publix easy in that you don’t have to wait long at all in each area to find an associate. The questions have been the same forever but no one seems to bat an eye so I just go with the flow.

It's been years since I shopped Lowes. Those in my area were bought by and converted to Harris Teeters. I recall the report being lengthy. I've been shopping Publix for several years now, since they moved into my area. There are several questions provided by the MSC to choose from for each required department. As Traveliz says, reasonable wait times are provided, so if you're not assisted within that time, you move on. Some scenarios require a deli purchase, but it can be as little as a slice or two of meat or cheese. My deli order generally is $1 or less. Another scenario requires ordering a sub sandwich, which cuts considerably into the reimbursement. The remainder of the reimbursement is yours to use as you choose.

I do lots of grocery shops. The Publix requirements and guidelines are straightforward. And, the report is typical (easy, with minimal or no narrative) for this MSC.
Easy shop, easier report. The questions? Don't sweat it. So what if they think you're a shopper.
If it's the same company that I do Publix shops for, you don't even have to remember names!!!!!
I do many of the shops and I just ask the same question in each department. That way it jusrt feels natural.
I find that many of the employees do not smile although most make eye contact.
After doing so many shops in a week, i buy many household items and it makes a real dent in my shopping busget. Usually I buy 1/4 pound of cheese or sliced meat.and sometimes dont have to buy anything becuase I am not served within the four minutes.
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