how much time spent finding shops?

Good evening yall!!!! I am newer to shopping. I have been doing ok so far on my own with no help, but I need more. I belong to about 25 different different mscs, but some I never get anything with. I manage about 400 - 500 a month earnings. I want to make way more, but I notice I spend a lot of time going through every site to see what shops are available. Is there anything I can do to make it faster? I am near houston tx

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Quality versus quantity. Look into what pays best. Like video shopping for example. From there, based on your availability, expand your radius: as in route shopping.

FREE Job listing sites; []; []; [] - Sassie; [] - Various links; [] -MSPA Members; link at bottom of forum page to their extensive list of companies
I cant afford a way to buy video recording equipment right now...But how do I find shops faster? It takes me hours going through every single company wrote:

I cant afford a way to buy video recording equipment right now...But how do I find shops faster? It takes me hours going through every single company

How about sharing what you currently do to earn 400 to 500 a month?!? Do you also work full or part time. Do you have a car? How much more time are you looking to work mystery shopping per day/week and what hours?

There is no faster way. The general job listing websites do not list everything. Some MSCs do not use public boards, some list only select opportunities publicly.

Sorting thru emails is difficult.

Learn each MSCs listing cycle(s), especially by client, and create a schedule for checking their boards.

Some MSCs will supply the video equipment. Learn the skills to perform higher paying opportunities if you want to earn more. Otherwise you may burn out on lowering paying opportunities not providing enough return for the time invested.

FREE Job listing sites; []; []; [] - Sassie; [] - Various links; [] -MSPA Members; link at bottom of forum page to their extensive list of companies
I don't use the websites, relying on email instead. I also don't find sorting through email difficult at all. It takes a while, but eventually you learn which are worth opening and which can go immediately to the trash bin.

Twenty-five companies will never be enough to increase your income. In fact, without adding more you will begin to make less because of rotations. Registering with companies is the sweat equity of this business.

Video shopping can be a future way to make more money. It is not usually recommended until you have completed and are comfortable with shops such as apartments and new cars. While there are some shorter scenario video shops, such as retail, most still require a shopper to remain in character for anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes while capturing the target at least 80% of the time. It is easier to focus on your video when the shops and scenarios are already second nature.

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My tip is to get into a routine. You'll learn when MSC's release their monthly shops....around when they will be willing to add a bonus, etc. It helps if you are a good reader. I get hundreds of emails a day and usually can tell by the subject if it is interesting, a duplicate, or a ten foot pole'er. I make it easier for myself by setting up email filters, too.
Hi, Cora -- welcome to the Forum, and to mystery shopping.

Job boards save me lots of time. Check out the one here (click on "show all forums" and choose the job board).

Then click on the "official list of MS companies" below, and make sure you are signed up with all the the "top 15"....and then spend a little time each and every day adding one or two more from the list until you're signed up with a lot more than 30.

I have PrestoInstaMaps on my PC. Whenever I'm going to a certain area, I check it for jobs in and around that town or city. MSCs that use the SASSIE platform list jobs on Presto.
One consideration: This depends upon you, yourself, and whatever happens in your world. There is no right, wrong, or forever answer. Is it more efficient to earn more money from more mystery shops, or is it more efficient to boost your overall earnings with a wage or salary job?

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Monk-N-Nut, I agree on routes. I will find two or three higher paying jobs in one area a while from me. I will then include a lot of lower paying filler shops to this location and back. The two or three higher paying jobs normally take me longer and are more complex. But, the lower paying filler shops are quick and easy. Downloading the company's apps, if they have one, makes submitting reports a lot easier. If you can submit a few of the shops through the apps, when you get back to the office (or home) it's not so taxing trying to submit all the reports at once.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
I currently just do whatever shops come up. I have signed up with numerous companies that have nothing in my area. I guess I need to just sit down and sign ip for more companies lol.. has got to be tons and tons of shops near houston..just sign up for more companies..also it sounds like you need to be more of the best tips on this forum sign up at least 3 shops in one main area..and then add on shops further thing you have to consider is if you dont live smack dab in might spend 1 to 3 hours in traffic

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
Hi Cora, my brother lives in Missouri City. Are you signed up with Marketforce? I just plugged in his zipcode and they have 130 shops located within 20 miles of there. Alta 360 Research has some gas station/convenience store shops (9 currently). Maritz has several dozen gas station audits in the Houston area.

In my opinion, your best bet is to sit down and sign up with as many companies as possible...just do 2 or 3 a day until you hit 100+ or are getting all the work you really want to do. Ceasesmith's recommendation about signing up with the top 15 in the list is spot on good advice.

Many companies, especially the Sassie platform companies, are going to send out automatic email postings about shops in your area. Some won't. Jobslinger is a good recommendation (as indianyooper posted), since those are mainly Sassie platform companies. Presto maps is another one.

I browse the job boards pretty regularly, as most of us do. Good luck to you.
I highly recommend that you find shops you like, that you can get a fair fee for, and then use those as your go to shops. I basically look at shops I've done a ton, have a good relationship with the scheduler, and can be the base of a route, and then if I've gone through all of my staples and still need more I'll look for new shops or ones that I don't do as often.

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