Where have my grocery stores gone?

Hi folks! In October I got clipped by a car while walking and broke my ankle = no grocery store mystery shopping for quite a while. In a few weeks I may be ready, and lo and behold, by "bread and butter" grocery store shops aren't listed on the Source anymore. Does anybody know if another company picked up that contract? I know you can't post which company; I'm just looking to find out if those jobs still exist with someone. I've got medical bills out the wazoo so I sure could use those free groceries again!

Apologies if I missed something while I was gone. I've tried doing a search on the forum threads but it's easier said than done.


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And don't I feel like an idiot now! The assignments didn't show up by default the way they used to on my page, and when I tried to expand the radius I still didn't see them. But when I went to their custom search I found them! I remember the shops were changing parameters right about when I broke my ankle, so I'll have to see what's new about the jobs. So glad to see them listed, though!
Hi, Amy. Glad you resolved this. I do find some company websites very difficult to navigate. I wish they had tutorials.

Did the person who hit you, didn't they have to pay all your doctor bills?

Best of luck.
Thanks, ceasesmith!

No, actually, I was at fault -- it was dark and I was walking with traffic instead of against it the way you're supposed to. The police report said that I "failed to yield." Honestly, I don't blame the driver. That stretch of road has no sidewalk so I was along the curb, where one wouldn't expect a pedestrian to be. The driver also stayed to help and called emergency services.

Fortunately, my health insurance covered it, aside from my deductibles and co-pays, of course.
Thank goodness. Oh, my -- it could have been so much worse! You must have had a guardian angel that night!
Wow, in California pedestrian always as right of way. No such thing as a pedestrian failing to yield to car here. Also I always thought you walk with traffic not against it. Same as biking.
Walk against traffic, bike with traffic. The way I remembered was it's easier to get abducted if the vehicle is going the same direction because they can just roll ip behind you. If you're on the opposite side, you'll see them coming and they have to cross the street to get to you. Biking should flow with traffic.
Being abducted would be my last problem, biking must go with traffic and yes, California pedestrian has the right of way...remembering being in Sausalito, biking was extreme with all going in every direction and drivers looking at the beautiful scenery.

Live consciously....
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