Grocery Shop Fees 2019...but what about inflation sad smiley

Anyone seeing higher prices at grocery stores? I do!

and not always so obv. ...look at the size of the servings - they often reduce those rather than raise the price of the bag/can/box so it looks the same.

Time to make these shops $18-20!

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Happens every year around this time and yet someone always eagerly snatches up those reduced fee shops!
Was gonna say that the WORST is Target...Wow, their prices are up! But they're not shopped (as far as I know).
Whoops, that’s my fault. Being new and not at first realizing that 1) there’s more than one mystery shopping site and 2) fees increase if the shops marinate on the board longer, I grabbed at the grocery shops thinking that’s the best that’s out there. After one week I’m so much more wise winking smiley.
Yes, I definitely noticed a hike in food prices, especially canned goods like broth, beans that used to be .99 are now 1.19 to 1.29. Thank goodness here Wed. thru Sunday their sales and meats are a good price. MSing won't ever go with that, they still encourage low fees for food shops. Still, two shops brought me much food for a $44.00 total and I will recover 38.00 (total), so still beats the alternative. Being a good shopper (which I am) and using coupons helps, I received a 5.00 off everything I bought and a free Almond milk, so for newcomers, do shop the same store and they send coupons for the purchases you most buy. I shop this MSC often and their prices stay the same, no change in my 12 years of shopping with them.

Live consciously....

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