Business card/Brochure questions

Has anyone’s shop been rejected for failure to get a business card/brochure? I just started shopping with this new company and they seem to have very specific requirements.
I asked for both, but the employee said they had neither; not even a store card although he did give me his name. Should I still submit the shop and explain what happened?

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Yes -- it is worthwhile to make the effort. I have had similar experiences and explained what happened. My shops were accepted.

It is not your fault that the location/person did not or could not provide a business card or brochure. You attempted to meet the requirement. You asked for the materials. It is worth a try, to submit the report and explain what happened. Due to factors beyond your control, you could not meet the requirement, but you tried to meet the requirement. Give yourself a chance and give the MSC a chance to consider your thoughtful, respectful presentation of the facts. Good luck! smiling smiley

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Submit the shop and explain in detail what happened, including the steps you took to get the business card and brochure. If the employee wrote anything out for you, upload that. If you have a photo, geo-identify code, or receipt from the store or bank, black out any identifying details and submit that. Wait and see what happens. MSP staff understand that cards may not be available.
I have never had a shop rejected due to the location not having the required collateral.

If the report will not submit without a photo, I upload a picture of a note in my handwriting stating "No collateral available" and initial. I did not have a pen handy at one point, so I uploaded a screenshot of a text to myself with the same phrase.

No issues. It's happened countless times.
When nothing else was available, I've asked them to write down their name for me in case I have questions later. I uploaded that.
In most cases, the requirement to collect a business card and/or brochures is so that you can prove that you were actually there and that the report is not fraudulent. (There are compliance shops that want to make sure that the materials are "approved" and "up-to-date" as well.) So, along with the other suggestions, I would also get additional proofs of visit, especially when I cannot attain the required materials. I'll snap a picture of the store front - or even something inside. I'll use GeoVerify. I'll even take a quick pic of the person whose card I could not get.

If you are not able to get the required proofs of visit, it is the editor's job to question whether or not you actually did the shop - or at least to pass it on to the project manager. If you have nothing, they simply have to trust you. If you can couple your explanation with an alternative proof, they are far more likely to trust you and, should the client raise an alarm, the MSC will be in a place to back up your report.

I have had a couple of times with apartments that I have been glad to have the backup proof. I had one apartment manager (who had nothing to give me) and who had done a terrible job (only showing me the outside of the building) claim that she did not have any tours on the day of my visit at all. Well..... I gave the MSC a picture of the apartment building, a picture of the manager and a picture of the manager's car parked at the community. I got paid. I do not believe the manager kept her job.

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I always get an ATM balance on my account, no charge. This has the date, time, and location. When all else fails Geo-Verify with your cell phone.
One time the ATM was closed, not Geo-verify that day, so I actually took a picture of the front door of the branch.
I have not had a shop rejected for no collateral, but I encountered that exact scenario. I shopped a brand new high end retail store. It was a no purchase required shop, and nothing in the shop was less than $500 anyway so I was not going to get a receipt. They had not yet printed business cards or brochures. I explained in my narrative that I asked for a card and what I was told. I took a photo of the entrance of the store and uploaded that in lieu, in order to prove that I was there. The MSC was understanding about it.
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