I this company Legit

I did a search and it looks like they are in India. I am in US. They are doing shops for delivery shops. But from what I read in a search is they delay payments. I am scheduled to do two shops but they never respond to my emails to my questions so I am thinking of resigning with them.

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If you read all the concerns raised on the forum for this MSC, you might reconsider shopping for them. They are the one MSC for which I will not even sign up.

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Try doing a search on the forum for Red Quanta and their scheduler, Carrie Coyle. There are several LONG, LONG threads detailing problems many shoppers have had with them.
You might try Red Quanta not Quinta. Perhaps that's why you are not seeing anything? Or just head on over to the company forum because I believe at least one thread is still on the first page.

Also, you have connected the client with the MSC which is not allowed here and is a probable ICA violation so you may want to edit your post just to name the MSC.

Red Quanta is probably the only company that I will not sign up with. I had a terrible experience with their scheduler Carrie Coyle who keeps sending me emails regarding Red Quanta shops. She stole my email from another MSC that she used to schedule for. It is ironi, and it is annoying to see innocent shoppers lose sleep over this
There is a 280+ post thread on this very company on the Company Discussion board and it's a real eye opener. Ten foot pole this company!

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We know.

Go to the "Mystery Shopping Companies" section. You will see their name. Read that thread.

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You put the name of the MSC and the client. You can put one or the other. It seems like you erased both. I would suggest adding MSC name to the title; this makes it easier for shoppers to know what the post is about

@mj wrote:

If I didnt put the name How r they supposed to know what company I am asking about
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