grocery stores or Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe's is only competitor shopped.

You asked about other grocery stores only day or two ago???
An articulate Trader Joe's manager whom I know well, said they are not shopped...but that was told to me months back, so maybe they are now shopped.

Hints please!!!
Arch I think Irene meant that TJ's is shopped in-house - meaning that management shops the stores, not mystery shoppers. This is how it is done in my area anyway.
lbarlbar Wrote:
> Irene, have you done the new Whole Foods? with the
> new questions? what is your
> opinion?

I haven't seen new questions at all, I think they just rotate them. I think they have three sets, and I've done them all more than once. Personally, I'd LOVE some new questions!
Problem is that Independent Contractor Agreements prohibit us from disclosing who shops whom. I can tell you that there are some chicken places shopped by Market Force and there are some chicken places shopped from time to time by Service Intelligence, but neither has KFC as a client that I know of. It has been several years since I have seen a KFC shop and it was, I suspect, a competitor shopping them rather than KFC as the actual client.

Thanks for the reply. I do work for marketforce however I am not interested in doing Mcdonald's shop. I guess I was hoping for a free meal.You can only have so many burgers before it gets to be too much
As I mentioned, Market Force does do chicken in some parts of the country and they also do some to die for hamburger places. Of course these may not exist in your area. Corporate Research International has a pizza buffet we have been known to visit. Many places these days are doing Papa John's pizza take outs and deliveries (you need to take digital photos). We are just back from a hearty barbecue dinner for two with A Closer Look that yielded enough leftovers for a nice lunch tomorrow. The world is not just McDonalds and so there are lots of other options. If you aren't seeing them, then you need to sign up with more companies.
I applied for Whole Foods and waiting to be scheduled...just got back from my trip, so nothing new to add. I did mean (and said) TJ's is shoppped in-house by there own people).

Live consciously....
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