How do I sign up for multiple company assignments?

I am new to mystery shopping and I keep seeing everyone saying to sign up with multiple companies. How do I do that--go to each company website I am interested in and sign up? I have signed up as an IC with MSPA but I guess that does not get me assignments. Please let me know. Thanks

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Scroll down the the bottom of this page. You will see a link to "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies." Click on it. Click on the name of any company that interests you. There will be links there to get you directly to the company's page.

Hint: The "15 Most Discussed" are larger companies, so, if you are not targeting a specific MSC, start there.

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MFJ's way is the best way for sure. You can also sign up with us at KSS. We are a scheduling company that several MSC's use to get their shops scheduled. When you apply on our site for a company's shop that you are not yet signed up with, we can copy your KSS profile right over for you to get it assigned to you. Our website is
KSS is one of the organizations for which everybody should register.... They serve some larger MSC's and can help you to quickly find work in your area. Note that KSS does not schedule for every shop for every MSC with which they work. Some MSC's use KSS exclusively and do not have their own job board.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Thank you everyone--your comments are very helpful. Will sign up with as many companies as are in my area & also KSS.
DO NOT concern yourself with where an MS company is located. Many, many of them have clients spread across the UIS and Canada, and some far overseas. AND, client change MS companies regularly, so one that has nothing in your region this month may have many in, say, January. I have been doing this since 2005 and just recently, a company that has nothing of interest to me within 150 mile provided $300 worth of shops (fees, not reimbursements) to me within 45 days.

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I do shops for MSCs that have offices located in the south, California, etc. and I live in the NE US. And you won't be able to tell which ones have the most shops in your area until after you sign up with them. Oh, Jobslinger (they have a free version that many people use--I would not do the paid version) is a big help for new shoppers, too. Jobslinger is an aggregate site for companies that use a platform called Sassie (you will notice that the websites, applications, and report forms all look very similar). You can probably find 30+ companies on JobSlinger. One MSC that I use (that is not on Jobslinger) is Marketforce. I have been with them for many years. They are a great company to start out with to get a feel for mystery shopping as their reports are very easy and they generally have shops all over the US. They don't always pay the most, but it's a place to start and sometimes they offer bonuses. And hopefully you have checked out the "new mystery shoppers" link below. Good luck and happy shopping!
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