I would like to start in your mystery shopping.I was a department store manager. Had to go to stores and price check other stores to get are prices lower than theirs.I live in the OCALA and DUNNELLON area of FLORIDA.I have refferances Lisa Meehan and Ray Garzone.Ican travel in 50 miles area.

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A member of this discussion Jacob has printed out an extensive list of mystery shop companies... I suggest you look at his postings and print out the list he posted. You should register with as many of those mystery shop companies as possible. OR you could join Shadow Shopper and have mystery shop opportunites emailed to you daily. You then apply for the "want-ads" for the different companies that Shadow shopper is informing you of.
P.S. Jacob's list is free - Shadow shopper is a service you pay for, but it will pay for itself quickly.
I agree, with the mystery shopper that stated "Jacob had a listing of shops to get started". Jacob is the one I look forward to reading his e-mail's. I have signed up for every shop posted in Jacobs emails. Did not know where to start and now slowly but surely it's happening. I can stay home and enjoy my life a little more. Pick where and when I want to work. If I don't like that particular job, I don't have to give them 2 weeks notice. I don't have to worry about the people I work with not doing their part.(TEAM-WORK),That is so over rated! No one cares about that anymore. BUT,... This job is all up to me. I make as little or as much as I want. I mean I can go on and on. JACOB, YOUR THE BEST!! THANK YOU!, for getting me started and keep those emails comming.
I would like to get Jacob's list as I am a very serious mystery shopper and have been one for over 10 years now.
Thank you, Judy A. Miller (727) 492-1168
I am new to Mystery Shopping, but have done 5. My biggest problem is the report, as I either write too much or not enough. I have read and reread what to put, but mine just seems to not be right. So many questions are put in the report several times and I feel that I just keep saying the same thing, especially when you answer questions. I will appreciate any suggestions....Pat
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