Day in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

Hi, I'm new here. I am interested in understanding what a day in the life of mystery shopper is like. I hear a lot about this and with the age of technology, it's easier and easier. For example, I had an Upworks gig and was paid $10 to talk about my purchase experience and I got to keep the product I had to purchase. That was cool. Thanks in advance!!

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You have asked the sixty four thousand dollar question, lol! Each shopper is unique, and we all shop differently. It will be fun to find out how other shoppers describe a typical day.

btw, could you tell us what Upworks is, in a way that is not an ad for it? tia.

@thebeanster wrote:

Hi, I'm new here. I am interested in understanding what a day in the life of mystery shopper is like. I hear a lot about this and with the age of technology, it's easier and easier. For example, I had an Upworks gig and was paid $10 to talk about my purchase experience and I got to keep the product I had to purchase. That was cool. Thanks in advance!!

Praying is work. - Mother Angelica
i definitely don't work for upworks. it's a site that people post freelance gigs. if you are a creative designer, , for example, you can get short term work.
For me full time part timer shopper (lol) i use a calendar. I make down important dates for shop releases and browse around at least 4 gig type apps. I use traditional MSC and gig work. I wake up early and pick up routes shoppers would snag up typically. I work 3-12 hours depending how busy I get. I do 4-12 shops a day averaging 100 to 120 a month. A slow month may 75 to 90.

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I have a job that is my primary income. I do mystery shops for extra money and reimbursements. I do dining shops to save money going out to dinner. The actual pay for a dining shop is usually not much, but the reimbursement covers dinner so I look at it as money saved. There used to be a movie theater shop that only paid $5 but it covered the cost of 2 tickets and concessions that was worth it to me to not have to pay to go see a movie. Reimbursement for groceries doing groceries shops, reimbursements for gas at gas station shops, oil changes and car washes is great. Unless they are bonused, the real value is the reimbursement that you get and knowing that you saved money on things you have to buy anyway.

I enjoy eating out and getting paid for grocery shopping...when starting I did it for both lifestyle improvement and income supplement and enjoyed staying productive and having a gig where I could be boss, say yes or no, and work from home. I have always loved business, having our own for many years, and if I help in a small way, I'm happy.

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No typical day for mystery shopping here because I am on a break. I have tried every type of shop that I wanted to try-- for fun, giggles, or necessity. Now, I would like shops that provide things that I specifically want. So, I do my little daily job and extra work along with that. Eventually, maybe, I will find the shops that I am dreaming of and get the benefit that i want from mystery shopping.

Praying is work. - Mother Angelica
That seems like a lot of work. What are your main drivers of interest aside from money?
If you told a friend about this, what would you say? And how would you get them to do it to? (Or is that too much competition lol)
Wow - that is really interesting. I think I need to do some homework. I live in a big city and expenses are high. I was laid off and trying to find alternate income streams.
In contrast to others, I may only do 12-20 shops in a month. It provides me with income equivalent to a full time minimum wage job ($400 a week here, for a 40 hour week -- but there are NO jobs available).

Monday a scheduler called me and asked me to take a job 242 miles from home. The pay was $300. The 242 miles is easier to drive than 25 miles in a big city, LOL -- 4 lanes most of the way, and no traffic. However, 242 miles is STILL 242 miles. She sweetened the pot with 3 fast foods shops at $25-35 each. I left home at 8 AM, after prepping since 5 AM. After completing the last shop, I stupidly drove home (reports, you know!); I finished my last report at 5:45 AM today.

A 24 hour day. And I mean that. I was up, functioning, and working for 24 hours straight.

Still better to me than standing on my feet 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And I have the rest of the week off.

And, of course, the IRS mileage deduction shelters most of what I made from taxes.

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If you read all the threads on this forum, you'll get a pretty good idea about what our daily lives are like... We are all very different and and shop with different purposes and motivations.

Me... I work full time as a high school math teacher. Due to some health issues, my wife cannot work outside the home, so I shop as a way to augment my teaching income. So, yes, I am in this for the money. Mystery shopping is a fantastic side gig for me as it gives me incredible schedule flexibility: I work when I want, where I want, as much (or as little) as I want and I only do the jobs I want. I took the month of May off. I worked a lot in June. I plan to work full time in July and August. In September, it will be part time, etc.

This is a great gig for somebody between jobs, too. Since you are in a big city, you will have enough work to keep you continuously busy.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Does anyone care about the end user of the work you do? It really seems that it is about the money.

I'd love to make a movie on this!!! LOL.
I am 99% about profit or at least free stuff. I love to eat so this works for me. It is also fun pretending to be someone else. I am the role play diva convincing or not smiling smiley

I do take the occasional smashburger shop with no fee but i personally need a fee for most of my shop (98%)

Mystery shopping

Has cleared my skin (i was able go get skin products, i could not normally afford plus a fee)
Help me lose weigh...even found a gym
Save a ton on groceries
Car owners can save but I personally hate auto shops
a free top and discount off shoes.

This is a fun job that is why there are so many scammers, i even fell for it 5 years ago...yes I am embarrassed. It was 10 bucks but still LOL

I am pretty antisocial in general and i am able to talk to people still without working with them...wish I started earlier.

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A typical day for me is a leisurely cup of coffee while I peruse email and whatever guidelines are pertinent for the day, send off some requests for shops and check my favorite job boards. Then I get any paperwork I need which I always prepare the night before, and head out the door. I run around doing shops for a few hours. Some of them I report on my phone and some I come home and report. I typically need to have lunch out so in between apartments or storage sheds or cell phone stores (whatever it is) I do that. What this doesn't describe is how much I enjoy the interactions. Meeting new people and trying new things all the time. From the bored and semi-hopeless minimum wage deli attendant to the go-getter property manager, they are all unique and delightful (for the most part.) There is the occasional hostile gas station manager but they are actually few and far between.
I have traveled this state up, down, and sideways. I know all the small towns in the Appalachians. I see places that haven't changed since 1950. I've driven white knuckled down mountains on a road not wide enough for two cars, praying a bear didn't come crashing out of the underbrush. I've found a Mexican restaurant about 40 miles away that serves tacos exactly like the ones I grew up on in the desert southwest and a day lily farm that is exquisite.

Shopping for me is an adventure.

And yes, I care about the money. Without it I stay home and putt around in my garden.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
I do MS to stay productive and earn a little income when my daughter is at school. A typical day for me is assigning some phone shops for the morning after my workout and breakfast. Let's see, I had a pest problem today, wanted a dorm for my college going daughter, scheduled three service appointments for cars I don't own, pretended to be broke to apply for a $200 loan, wanted to open a checking account, made my voice sound like a 65 year old on medicare to schedule physical therapy, got some advice for a son that I don't have with anxiety issues and learnt how to cut up a carpet.

I am a pretty good actor. Now, if only there was an Oscar for MS..That's a pretty typical day for me. After that, I 'm a boring mum who cooks and cleans.
double post

Shopping the South Jersey Shore

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Your post sounds a little condescending to me and I truly hope that that was not your intention.

Every job that I've ever had in life..and I've had a lot of diverse jobs in my life...was for the money. You may have the side benefit of actually enjoying it, but they don't call it work for no reason. We are assigned a job (that we accepted) and do it, hopefully according to the guidelines and hopefully you'll have an ok time with it.

Do we care about the end user? I think most people genuinely care about other people, but we are tasked to do a job and most of us do just that. If the "end user" isn't doing their job, then they aren't going to be happy. Do your job to the best of your ability and you'll have a great report as a result of a great report.

We're all in this business for different reasons and they are ALL ok. Some people use this is their main income, vacation fund, lifestyle enhancements, etc. They are all valid reasons to get into and stay in this business. Is it for you? Only you can answer that, but it is a worthwhile job for a worthwhile cause and you should be proud of yourself for a job that not everyone can do.

@thebeanster wrote:

Does anyone care about the end user of the work you do? It really seems that it is about the money.

I'd love to make a movie on this!!! LOL.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore

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There already IS a movie.

It's called "5 Star Life" and is about a shopper who lives entirely in one 5-star resort or another, and travels between resorts.

"Viaggio Solo" ("Travels Alone" ) is the original (Italian) title.

smiling smiley

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@CoffeeQueen that’s exactly what I love to hear. The interaction is wonderful. The experiences that you may not Have encountered as a result of trying something new. Good luck and enjoy your week!’n
@Jenny Cassada my post wasn’t condescending. And by end user, I mean the client that you’re ultimately servicing. It could be the retailer, coffee shop etc that wants to learn about the good, the bad or the ugly that you’re helping to untangle.

Like I said, this entire topic is fascinating and I’d love to make a Movie about it sometime.
Great movie! Very realistic in terms of questionaires used by the hotel MSCs. Even the Excell form shown looked familiar.
@Susan L. @Irene_L.A. I am speaking metaphorically - I’m not really making a movie. I just find this really fascinating.

Thanks for your feedback.

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From the original question, it sounded like a book or movie was in the works. Good topic & great answers shared by all! :-)
You sound organized and disciplined. May I ask your average monthly income with a routine like that? Thanks!
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