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Hi, so I found some ideas a couple of weeks ago for great questions to ask in the various departments of a grocery store, but cannot find it now for the life of me! Anyway, I'm shopping a meat department next and wondered if you had any great questions I could ask? Thank-you!

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We went to a supermarket today for a shop. I asked them how long the kebobs would last in the fridge. You could ask them that for any type of meat.
@Irene_L.A. wrote:

I thought they give you questions to ask?
Only the company for which you shop has required questions. Other companies let you pick a question on your own.
* What is a good marinade for XXX meat?
* How is XXX cut different than ZZZ cut?
* Were these animals fed organic grains?
* Are the fish wild caught or farm raised?
* What is a good way to prepare this on a grill?
* What vegetables will compliment this well?

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What fish is the best for BBQ,
Which seasoning do you use on Salmon
Which meat is best for a slow cooker
Which berries are grown in USA
Could you show me how to choose a ripe cantoupe

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Which apples are best for baked apples/sauce/pie?
What is a safe temperature for cooking this meat?
Is this a good cut for slow cooking or should I roast/broil it?

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In the grocery shops that I do, they do not give you the questions. There are so many questions you can ask!
"Is this hamburger chuck?" "Is there artificial coloring in the marinade?" "Do I have to call ahead if I want a special cut?"

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"Where does your beef come from??"
Believe it or not, one of the larger grocery chains in my area has rib eye steaks coming in from Mexico. Now I know why it's sold for $4-$5 LESS PER POUND than the others. I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't asked that question on a shop!! The store differentiates this beef as to where it is in the meat section. Also, on the label, it will state "USDA Inspected" as it must state, as it has to be inspected on its way into the States. But is WILL NOT STATE any particular TYPE of beef, such as Prime, Choice, etc. That's a DEAD GIVEAWAY that it hasn't come from the States. Interesting stuff you can learn on a shop!

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@guysmom I never would have guessed that a store has rib eye steaks coming in from Mexico. The US is top notch in beef, no need to import, especially from Mexico, where regs are way different. Interesting indeed!

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I usually pretend I'm planning for a party.. What deli trays do you offer, Do you offer custom fruit trays, How far in advance do I need to place a cake order, etc. It then make sense if you're seen by someone asking questions in each department.
Thanks for this. I usually get brain freeze in the store and can only think of the same 2-3 questions I used before. Especially the fruit and veggie dept suggestions. I like the party planning question as I always feel funny when I ask a question and then walk away without buying any of the suggested item(s). In the prepared deli I usually say I will return at the end of my shopping as I don't want whatever to get warm while I spend time shopping. I know it is not necessary to say anything but it makes me feel better.
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