4 days in a row at the same grocery store, help with CSR questions

So I am starting to run thin on Grocery Customer Service questions. It is going to look odd enough that I will be going to the CSR desk in the same store 4 days in a row, help me out, what are your go to questions?

I normal ask things like, when are your next triple coupon sales going to happen? I cant find x item, does your store stock it? How do I get a new loyalty key card, I lost mine?

Let me know what you have!


Orlando - lightly shopping NC

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Some stores have a program where they donate stuff or money to the local schools. You could ask about that.
Do stores in your chain transfer product? ( ie: ethnic or regional ingredients available in one neighborhood but not mine)

Oh my goodness, I see empty cardboard boxes all the time stacked in the back of the store--do they get recycled?

Can you buy an item day one to return at CSR day three or four?

And my real life question at one store---every time Cherries are on sale " What dark corner is the cherry display tucked into this week?" Ah I mean " Where are the sale cherries?"
Do you sell single stamps?
Can I pay my water bill here?
Are you taking applications?
How much are money orders?
Do you double coupons?
What time do you close?
Do you cash checks?
What is your policy on internet coupons?
What day is xxxx bread delivered?
Do you have an education program for local schools?
How does the education program work?
How do I sign up for the education program?
Does your coinstar offer giftcards?
Can I get a raincheck for xxx out-of-stock item?
Do you have a fuel rewards program?
How does it work?
How do I sign up for the fuel rewards program?
Are you currently hiring? Asking for son/daughter niece/nephew.

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl -- year after year..."
For the "buy one get one free" specials, do I have to buy both items or if I get just one will it ring up at the sale price?

Do you have an ATM?

What day does your weekly sale start?

Do you have a flyer for next week's ad or do I have to wait until the day the ad comes out?
Do you sell bus passes?
Do you sell lottery tickets?
Do you sell EasyPass or the local toll tag device?
Can I receive money from Western Union here?
How much does it cost to send money via Western Union?
Do I need an ID to send money via Western Union?
Someone else already mentioned, nvmnd.

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Thanks everyone, I am actually posting these into a notepad I save on my computer for future ideas/use. Yesterday I did the double coupons (one of my normal ones), today I think I will ask if I can buy 2 stamps! If they are willing to sell them, I don't mind getting them.

Orlando - lightly shopping NC
I can't believe no one has already said, "Where is the restroom?" LOL
Also, my real-life question, "Who decided that 100 points should be $1.00 off groceries but only $0.05 off gas?"
That's a good one. Along the same lines - Does this store have InstaCart?

@roxanne9153 wrote:

Does this store have delivery?

So what is InstaCart? I guess none of the stores in my area have it? Is it the technology where you scan items as you put them into your shopping cart and then just pay the total at checkout without having to put items on the belt?
@kimmiemae wrote:

That's a good one. Along the same lines - Does this store have InstaCart?

@roxanne9153 wrote:

Does this store have delivery?

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