Thoughts, recommendations for spy glasses for video shops?

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I won a pair. They are so silly looking that when you see them, they say, "Hey, look at my glasses, don't worry nothing strange here...."
They are ugly..... very ugly.... however, for video work done from a car or where you have to track something very specific - such as cash handling - they are great. Make sure the MSC accepts them before using them.

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Lol. Oh my. That is what I am worried about. Most of them look pretty weird. I'm also into the pens and water bottles, but feel like the glasses would be optimal if I can ever find a decent pair. ???? Thanks for the feedback :-)

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There are no decent "spy" glasses.

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These are similar to the ones I have. I would not attempt using them though.
The problem with glasses cams, as they are known is that every time the target point to some thing that a real buyer would look at, the shopper has to move his/her head to look. The target must be properly "framed" 75-90 percent of the time for the video to be accepted. With a shirt-mounted camera, the shopper can keep the camera on the target and just turn their head to look at the object. Thus, the target remains in the frame and there is no "blur" from head movement. With any cam that is head-mounted Glasses, hat or ear-piece) constant head movement will cause so much motion that editors and viewers actually report getting motion sickness symptoms trying to watch the video. Second problem: most head-mounted cams have very limited recording times. Therefore, they are likely to have battery failure part-way through a long apartment shop and even longer new vehicle, assisted living or home purchase shops.

Eye glasses cams and ear-mounted cams do have a use for valet parking integrity shops, where the cam needs to "follow the money", or for any shops where the shopper is doing a drive-thru, such as a bank or fast-food location. . These involve very short interactions. However, the glasses cams also have very high rates of user error and cam-failure, leading to rejected shops. Plus, many NYC garages actually have pictures of glasses cams posted by employees in the valet/cashier booths, so many shoppers have been IDed by the targets there. I have used both glasses cams and ear-mounted. Gave up on the glasses early. Use the ear-mounted cam for parking integrity shops. Only my 2 PV-500s get used for any other video work.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
There is at least one MSC that requires glasses cams the shops are car wash shops.

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