During a grocery mystery shop?

Hi, today I was doing a grocery mystery shop. It is the first one I do at a supermarket so I have a question. The shop was I had to ask for help in some of the departments of the store. But the thing is when I was checking out I noticed I had left my wallet at the car so I had to leave the groceries with the cashier and run to my car to get it, then pay. Is that something that can affect the shop and should mention in my report or is it not worth mentioning at the report?

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That really depends on the MSC and I am not going to ask which MSC this was for as I think I know. If you look over the form, is there any place for 'unusual occurrences' or such? If so, I would mention the graciousness of the cashier in holding my groceries while I retrieved my wallet, which was accidentally dropped in my car.

I don't see it as being a disqualifier for the shop if you use it as an opportunity to praise a cashier going 'above and beyond'. If there is no such place to say something good about the cashier, I think I would just be silent assuming it did not impact your timings and I would use my first exit from the store rather than my second as the end time for the shop if it is after the time stamp on the receipt.
Thanks for the advice, there were no comments section in the checkout part so I could not praise the cashier.
Yes, just use the time stamped on your receipt as the exit time.

I don't know the MSC, either, but the EXACT same thing happened to me on a shop. I called the scheduler before I submitted the shop, and that's what she told me to do. I did not need to mention that I had left my wallet and had to go get it.
It doesn't sound as though "WalletGate" affected the shop in any way, so I think you will be just fine.

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At least one of the grocery clients I know of says not to write anything that will reveal yourself as being memorable.

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You could write "the cashier allowed the line to back up and agitate a whole group of customers because he/she let some absent minded shopper go frolicking in her car for awhile before the next person would be assisted".
He did not hold the line, he kept taking other customers. He just saved my items while I went to the car.
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