Presto shop denied for duplicate photo from another shop,but this was the first shop I completed.

UPDATE: I was contacted by PRESTO rep. She investigated my denied shop and determined it was system glitch. My shop was authorized for payment. I am happy to see PRESTO staff is actively working to resolve erroneous system denials.

Well, I took a shop using the PRESTO APP. It is the Helios dark shop. I went to the site I took all the pictures they asked for. I took a total of 57 pictures. I got an email stating I used pictures from another assignment and they wanted me to revise the shop. They would not tell me which picture was the picture that supposedly belonged to another shop. To play is safe I deleted all the pictures I had submitted and started from scratch. I uploaded fresh pictures for all the questions. Then I get a denial saying the same thing again. That I was using a picture from another shop? The problem is this the first time I have ever performed the shop for Helios dark I do not have pictures from another assignment because it is my first time doing this shop. The only thing I can think happened is that the PRESTO APP is not working correctly because it is impossible for me to have pictures from another shop when I have only done 1!!!!! for Helios Dark. The only option was to submit an appeal. Does anyone know who to contact for these shops to get them to review them manually? I am 1000% sure there was no duplicate submitted.

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I was told about the problem, and I was told it was fixed by one of the schedulers that I talk to now and then. I did one of the dark audits and I didn't have a problem, but that was a week or so ago.
I really hope it is a glitch in the system because the denial I got is not possible since I only did 1 shop. How can a duplicate for another shop from me exist? I hope they fix it and tell me. I don't mind losing the $10.00 ,but if I cant trust a company what would be the point in working for them.
Looks like this MSC and client continue to be a huge pain in the butt.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I think maybe they compare to other shoppers photos, as in maybe they have a database. Now, that being said, I figure it's automated, so it's probably a program trying to compare photos and much like a Google photo search.. it's probably matching photos by how closely they resemble one another, which isn't the best and brightest solution, given how many pictures of similar things are being taken. Don't know what the solution is, but geez.

I know someone else who emailed for the appeal. She did eventually get a response.
There is another thread on this and others are having issues too. I had one denied for using duplicate photos and I was taking photos through the app. I have had no response from the form I filled out or my emails.
@eclark3 How long ago did you contact them ? I have run into this type of problem using other APPs like IBOTA where they never respond. In the end I had to just delete the APP. This is why using an APP for jobs is a bad idea. I actually took my pictures on site I had to verify I was at the location using the PRESTO. So why would I got through all that trouble and submit a photo from another Job ? It just does not make sense. The denial is an outright LIE, But I guess it is better I found out now that they cannot be trusted. i just wish I had found this information sooner I would not have bothered using PRESTO.
Hmmmm. This certainly sounds like another case of PRESTO STRIKES AGAIN! (says the self-appointed general of the war on Presto). Those app developers are laughing all the way to the bank. With so much money invested in it, the MSCs apparently refuse to believe there's anything wrong with it. So ends my Presto rant of the day. I will see myself out.

Sil2222, it's been 12 days since I filled out the form and 11 days since I sent the email. Ibotta always responds to me. I've done other jobs through Presto for this MSC (different client and scheduler) and never had a problem with a response.
@socalmama The gas station is close to my house and they said it was 3 pictures you can take from your car or across the street. When I arrived at the gas I realized I could not take the pictures from my car and the gas station has lots of lights broken/Not working. It took me 20 minutes total.

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I just got off a webinar for the consumer gas audits that will be hosted on Presto for this same client. My question is a little off topic but relevant to this discussion, I think! I learned that the shops can not be done on Wifi. They must be done using your phone data plan because Wifi does not accurately pin point your location. Has anyone experienced this for the Dark Audits? Has your phone data been negatively impacted by the heavy use of many audits being uploaded? My concern is that even though I have an unlimited data plan with T-Mobile, its not truly unlimited. They throttle you back after you exceed some unstated limit. It seems to me that it would then become nearly impossible to do these jobs because it would take so long to upload the data. Is this accurate or am I overstating the impact? Also many of the more rural locations I have done for this client in the past have no cell service in the area. How would that work? Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks.
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