Hey, I want to shop Safeway

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Bambee- I'm not sure, but I think Safeway runs their own mystery shopping in-house...Maybe ask their corporate office?
Sorry, I didn't check previous bloggers, but I checked Safeway online for job opps, and nothing. I don't know how to continue. By the way, thanks!
I was a mystery shopper for Safeway for four years. Contact the corporate office and they will train you themselves. Then they put you on the schedule to do two shops on one day, and two on another day per week. You are considered an employee, but they do not give benefits. If you are identified, you are fired. That is what happened to me. I did one shop and interacted with a manager. When I showed up at the second location, the same manager was there. What are the odds? Anyway, they are nice people to work for. The pay is low, but the mileage reimbursement makes up for it. Good Luck!
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