I just got PAID for the FIRST TIME!!

Hey all! Still super new to Mystery Shopping and I'm already improving so much thanks to all your tips and help early on.

Today I got my first email from BARE - I got paid!! AHH! I'm just so excited, and I'm not sure who else would appreciate it like you guys will.

I'm so glad I took the advice in the newbie guide about keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet. Makes things so much easier - and helps me see whether or not I'm truly making a profit from this. I'm hoping to make much more this month and in the future. smiling smiley

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Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

I don't know if you started tracking this, but I have a separate spreadsheet with a list of all of the Mystery Shopping Companies (MSC) I am signed up with, their website address (in case I lose my favorites) the clients they have, how they pay (Paypal, direct deposit, etc), how long before they pay (30 days, last week of the next month, etc) and any notes I might have on the company (scheduler, phone number, etc).


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Great start !! And you are right about the forum. Only MSers will understand both the joys and the setbacks of doing MS. So, please keep us updated as you grow your new business ! And, ENJOY !

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I hope your first pay from BARE wasn't a huge check that you are supposed to deposit and then go buy iTunes cards.

Other than that, cheers and congrats.

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Cease, the OP has 13 posts that reference various shops they have completed, including a mention of Marketforce and a CPI. Also, why would they bother with a spreadsheet to see if they are making a profit if they received a large check?
(thinking cease was being funny)

Congratulations OP

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smiling smiley

(But the cheers and congrats were still sincere!)

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Whew! I did a double take the first time I saw the subject line. I read "PAID" as something similar.
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