Google "Experience" shops

I see some new shops with various online retailers, either using an Android device or apparently just a web browser. There are absolutely no guidelines listed with each entry. Has anyone done these? There listed as being for Google (which makes sense because Android is a Google product), but besides that, I have no info. Can anyone enlighten me about these shops? Thanks in advance.

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If they are the ones I am thinking of - they also offer apple device and computer browser shops. If these are the ones you are referring to - yes I've done them. You buy product on the website and take a bunch of screenshots to ensure the google pay option is working correctly. I think they are easy and take them as often as I can. Seems to be a 90 day + rotation.
Yes. I did one and didn’t get paid. Even though I followed all the instructions my phone still auto populated the payments.

Funny thing is it worked out for me because I bought a whole bunch of antibacterial soap and vegan food!
The scheduler told me this round is only android devices, so unfortunately, no web browser option sad smiley
I have been paid in full with no issues - in regards to the other user saying they didn't get paid. I have had no problems and have probably had 5+ shops for this project over the past year-year and a half.

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