messed up linking receipt

Hey, I did my first 2 shops today. fast food. I think I went over getting the reports in by 8 hrs after and I linked a food pic where a receipt pic should have been. I did upload the receipt but the linking confused me.

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At the end of the report, when it lets you upload more pictures, did you link the receipt? If yes, you are probably okay.
As long as the receipt is available to the editor/QC person they will know that they have it. It is not unusual to even forget to upload one of the required pictures, only to have the editor send email requesting it. Please take a deep breath, exhale slowly and repeat. Welcome to the MS world. Even seasoned veterans can, and do, make similar mistakes. I have been doing this since 2005 and, last month, had to return to a site the next day to take a required picture that I had completely missed. But, once I provided that the report was accepted and I was paid.

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