Wireless Shop.

I saw a job for a wireless phone company that is supposed to take 2 hours to ask questions about products. Has anyone done this shop? And does it really take two hours? I am curious how many questions I would need to ask to take up 2 hours. This is a MF shop.

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No, it does not take 2 hours. They just put that in there because if there are customers in the store, well, customers come first, and that might eat into your time. I've done numerous ones of these. When close to my home, I do them at the base fee, because they have NEVER taken longer than 15-20 minutes, especially now that the employees can use references or each other for the answers. Next week, I'm doing two more at their bonused rate of $25 each, and they are only about 25-30 miles from home. This is a good assignment for you to try out if you've never done audits. They're easy, not all audits are this easy. The instructions are great. Oh, DON'T FORGET to make your precalls, because you have to report on that. Good luck!

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@sparklesthekitty wrote:

Are you charging extra for the distance?
Not this time, because they are already bonused from their normal $14 up to $25. Plus they are no more than 25 miles from my home. Plus, the MSC did not put out their make an offer logo on this one. Two jobs for $50 close to home is ok by me on this one. Plus, they are easy, and that plays in to it, also.

Now on the other hand, I recently did photo-intense audits for another MSC, and got twice their base rate from $15 to $30, and they were right in my town. But they were so photo intense, that I just couldn't do it for less, and they had to be high resolution photos. They have a few more on their board that they are desperate to get done, up to $40, one of them being about 30 miles away, and if they don't like any of my photos, which has not happened yet, I wouldn't want to drive back there, even for $40. So you learn as you go along.

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