Giant grocery shops

Does anyone know what mystery shopping company uses Giant grocery stores? I would like to do these shops.

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If I recall correctly they are East Coast. I think we used to shop Giant when we lived in Maryland.
And their shops have been MIA since January 1.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Yes, I've noticed they are gone. I wondered if another mystery shopping company took them over. I really liked doing those shops and would like to know where I can find them again.
I thought I had did something wrong. Glad to know it's not just me,but
now it's difficult to find out where they are ( orif they are) in this discussion since I thought you couldn't discuss the client and the MS company under one thread.
At the same time you haven't heard anybody saying "I am still doing them so they are still shopped." You are correct that it would be inappropriate to name either the former or current (if there is one) company in this thread since the client has been named.
Hi Guys

My name is Desiree Mandelbaum, and I am a Casting Director for a new docu-series about people who "Eat for free". I was curious about the mystery shopping, it looks awesome. Would you be interested in speaking with me? We are casting nationwide and would LOVE to get in contact with people, and see there different techniques on eating for free. Attached is our written verbiage about our casting. Thoughts?


Desiree Mandelbaum
Casting Director
"Untitled Eating for free Project"
I suspect you are asking the wrong group of folks. If we were to participate in any kind of 'media event' that identified us in any way we would be quickly identified as mystery shoppers and disqualified from our work. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot for your "15 seconds of fame"!
I wrote her an email telling her about some of my best deals for eating for free, but she'd have to blur out my face to put me on camera. lol

Today I Will Choose Joy!

"Finally, whatever things are good, true, noble, lovely, of good report...if there be any virtue, if there be any praise...think on these things." ....It's a command, not a suggestion!
I don't consider MS at restaurants "eating for free". The payment and food are reimbursement for working.
I'm also considering that message to be spam as she posted basically the same thing in two different topics and it is basically asking us to do something beneficial for her while having little to do with MSing.

Sorry, my daughter has done freelance modeling/acting work since she was six and I have little regard for this type of "casting director".
iblessyah Wrote:
> I wrote her an email telling her about some of my best deals for eating for free, but she'd have to blur out my face to put me on camera. lol


Can you tell me about some of your best deals for eating for free? I shop the Tampa Bay area but don't find many though there are a lot of good restaurants here!

kimcox, I'm guessing that iblessyah did not violate her shopper's agreement with the MSPs when telling about her best eating-for-free deals and that she related her deals only in general rather than naming names. The agreements that we sign with each MSP require that we shoppers maintain confidentiality. And our Forum Administrator's posting guidelines state "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies." There's a great list of MSPs to sign up with posted here on the forum at []. If you sign up with enough companies you will find the fast food, casual and fine dining. I wouldn't call it eating for free - - because if you mystery shop, you aren't eating for free, you are being compensated for your professional services.
Sometimes you're being given a bag of indigestion for free. I still rankle when I see that one company touting their "delicious" meals we can get for free -- marginally edible fast food. Delicious, my ass! Nobody goes through a drive thru expecting "delicious."

Time to build a bigger bridge.
back to the original topic.....the last company that had the GIANT shops told me they were negotiating the deal, but never heard anything else so I guess they are now History.
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