What is a 'fair' mileage (KM) rate to charge for a route of shops?

I have a company I have done a number of shops for and they are asking me to do a route of 30+ shops. The problem is the shops themselves only pay $5 each, but they are spread out in remote communities that would take a 4 hour round trip drive to complete. The scheduler said she will consider mileage but is asking me what I think is reasonable - I DON'T KNOW! This MSC has been good to me so i don't want to scare them away by being greedy. Anyone (ideally in Eastern Canada) have any experience with this and can suggest a 'reasonable' mileage rate?


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The IRS reimburses $ .58 per mile (but maybe this is last years numbers), so I would AT LEAST start with that, otherwise you are losing money. And then I think some charge for the driving time too. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what to charge.
There was a post a couple months back about this topic too and I think people listed some more numbers.
I charge $.40 a mile and $20 an hour. In addition, rather than to fiddle around with negotiating fees, I state the least amount of money for which I am willing to work and either receive the job(s) or move on. As to what is "fair," I seriously doubt any MSC ever considered that word, nor should they, before posting shops. This IS business and it is the matter of each party deciding what is acceptable.
And, each situation is unique. In the summer, it is possible to shop out two tiny towns in one day if I am willing to work hard. In the winter, I might not get to either town as planned due to weather and other road closures.The summertime work day would be less costly for me than the two or three wintertime days needed to accomplish the same gigs. What could go right or wrong for you, where you live and work?

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I need $50/ km. I rarely get it. I have not tried one of those routes. I live in a rural community and those routes just seem too spread out.
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