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A newish grocery store was shopped for a fee of $25 with a $25 bonus. The reimbursement was $1. The shop required photos of every section. The pics had to be uploaded in a certain manner (landscape, facing upward). It was reasonable for $50.

The new MSC is offering $12 for the same work.

No thanks!

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Are you in PA? I did that grocery store once back in 2019 for $25 and it wasn't enough then. I have seen postings this past week for $40, then $80. I assume no one picked it up or someone cancelled, since we had so much snow. There must have been a deadline. We were expecting snow again, so all grocery stores were packed but it appears someone picked it up for $80. Just goes to show what it's really worth.
I'm in MD. I was good with the $50 fee for the first time, but would have been much happier with a higher fee for later shops. They must be bat crap cray to think that someone will do all of that work for $12.50.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
These shops showed up for the paltry price of $12 + no reimbursement with the new MSC. I emailed the former MSC that typically has them for $60 + $2 reimbursement and they said that they still have the contract. I emailed the new MSC's scheduler and told him he was super low for an hour's worth of work. That was his budget. They are still on his board.
Yeah, I've seen them recently for $60 in my area. Since the client hasn't been named, can we mention who's offering them for $12?
They’re $60 here as well. I’ve done them for less than that. There’s something about photo shops/audits that appeals to me. I haven’t seen them with a different MSC.

ETA: If it weren’t for Covid, I’d do them for $30. No amount of money could tempt me during this pandemic.

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Are these at a German/Austrian store? I did one last year that was a nightmare. It was a brand new shop for the company and I don't think they had it planned out well then. I almost begged off it mid report, with so many (hundreds) of photos, but the scheduler convinced me to finish it and I did. I think I'm seeing them with a new company now, but I was scared off. They probably aren't nearly as bad as when I did it. I would never consider it for @12. They had great veal cutlets at a good price, btw.

Edited to remove the name of the store in case someone mentions the MSC. But I'm not sure it's the same store anyway.

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On a related note, this week I received a notice of a targeted video shop with a recorded phone call, and using my gear, for $45. In 2009, I received $80 for a job with identical requirements, Folks, until fewer shoppers are desperate and/or demand exceeds supply, fees will continue to remain at or near the bottom of the barrel.
How can you take all of the required photos without the employees being totally aware of what you are doing? It's at $60 near me, and I won't do it because it would be too obvious.
The employees saw me taking pictures but did not ask questions. I had to chase the MSC for my reimbursement which was $1.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
As the German/Austrian chain has been my go-to grocer since they opened in my neighborhood in 1991, when I became a shopper in 2003 I began to accept their shops. I was paid $10, without any reimbursement, but only applied for that specific location. The report was a breeze and no pics were required. By 2004, I was sufficiently established that $10 was no longer acceptable and, since my request for additional money was denied, I turned my attention to more profitable work.

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