This Seems Odd to Me. Thoughts?

On 3/31, a scheduler generated a SASSIE email offering a $5 bonus. I clicked on the SASSIE link in that email to apply for one of the shops. I was assigned the shop on 4/1, less than 24 hours later. Before I went to do the shop yesterday, I noticed that there was no bonus attached to the shop. I emailed the scheduler and offered to do the shop today if she added the promised bonus. She wrote me back and said:

"It was removed from the session before you applied. The bonus did not seem to be doing any good so I removed it and started recruiting without it. I'll add it back to yours first thing in the morning."

I can't swear whether the bonus was removed before I applied. I will give this scheduler the benefit of the doubt because I've known her for over a decade and she has never lied to me AFAIK. However, it just seems strange to me that a scheduler would remove a bonus less than 24 hours after offering it because it "did not seem to be doing any good."

By the way, I clicked on the same link and checked one of the still available shops. The bonus is gone. In other words, the scheduler had just removed the bonus from the job posting instead of deleting it and creating a new one without a bonus. I wonder what she meant by she "started recruiting without [the bonus]." Also, I have not done the shop because the bonus is still not added to it. It is almost noon. I emailed the scheduler and am waiting for a response. It will be kind of a pain to have to drive to the mall to do just this one shop. (I had multiple shops yesterday and it would have been much more convenient to do this shop then.)

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Seems more like a molehill to me.

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You have her email saying she will give you the bonus. Seems like that is enough. I often get emails hours or half a day after they seem to have been sent so perhaps she did retract her offer before you got around to seeing it and applying. It does, however, seem odd that she changed her mind so quickly without sending a correction to her earlier email. I do not understand this that you wrote..."The bonus is gone. In other words, the scheduler had just removed the bonus from the job posting instead of deleting it and creating a new one without a bonus."
What is the difference. Both job postings would look exactly the same...Bonus 0
I only saw one job posting. It was the one with the bonus and that was the one I used to apply for the shop. I kept the email and went back to it. I clicked on the link for my state. There were still unscheduled shops and there was no bonus.

One of the points I was trying to make was the scheduler did not void/delete her job posting when she changed her mind about the bonus. Instead, it appears she kept the posting active but removed the bonus without saying anything. Anyone who applied using the links in her email advertising a bonus would have thought they were applying for a shop with a bonus.
Hence the reason to always look at job pay and bonus on any job posting email. You should get the bonus as you have in writing. You should get the $5 bonus. I just have to question what kind of shop where $5 extra makes it a yes shop vs a no shop. I know there are some rare circumstances just curious is all.

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The scheduler added the bonus and I did the shop. This was an easy shop but it was not worth doing at the regular pay (IMO). The $5 bonus made the total fee + reimbursement worth it (to me) as originally scheduled because I had other shops to do that day. I ended up doing the shop on Saturday, and this was the only shop I had since I had planned to have Saturday as my day off. Even with the bonus, it really wasn't worth it to do this shop by itself, but I did not want to drop the shop since she did make good on her promise to add the bonus.
And depending on where you live a $5 bonus can seem a goldmine. I can understand the difference of $5 to mean okay it might be just enough to get me out there. And thanks for clearing up the question I had about reposting. The scheduler certainly should have retracted her first email by a second email and also explained she was making the change.I am glad she came through for you especially since she is someone who you have trusted in the past.
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