What is an audit?

I've never mystery shopped before. What does this entail? "Announced evaluation at an AT&T Store or Kiosk. It pays $25.

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@Plarka wrote:

I've never mystery shopped before. What does this entail? "Announced evaluation at an AT&T Store or Kiosk. It pays $25.
You call ahead. You tell them you are coming on a certain date. You familiarize yourself with the required questions and procedures, print out a copy and bring it with you on a clipboard. When there, you go over the required questions with a store rep (usually the manager but not always) and write down answers and take necessary photos. If the store gets busy, you back off as long as is necessary so staff can handle the customer traffic.

At completion, you excuse yourself and do not answer questions about "how did we do?" Deflect.

If you are just starting, I don't recommend audits. Get your feet wet with true "mystery shops." I've been shopping for close to 2 years and still find revealed audits daunting.
They have upped the fee to $30 for a shop near me. i think that is still too low considering i might have to wait for them to finish with customers.
As you a new shopper I would add that I work for several companies that call a regular mystery shop an audit even though it does not entail talking to someone with a list of questions to go over. Some places an audit means you are there to count widgets or have your own clipboard checklist to see if items are on a shelf. So this audit may be different than other "audits" you may encounter at other mystery shop companies.
The AT&T audits are pretty detailed and long, and they require several steps and checkpoints. Ask for way more $.
I prefer audits over written mystery shops. There are both short and long AT&T audits. Neither is difficult, but you do need to make a pre-visit phone call. The short AT&T audit takes about 30 minutes if you go during off-peak hours, which is before 2 pm in this area.
@Plarka wrote:

I've never mystery shopped before.
I'd like to encourage you to click on this link, [www.mysteryshopforum.com] which will take you to the "New Mystery Shoppers" area of this Forum. Many of your questions can be answered here, and you will learn A LOT!! Read, read, and read some more. You will soon find out if mystery shopping is truly something you'd like to pursue. Good luck!
Glad I saw this thread, as I was just coming on to this forum to ask about these ATT "Long audits". I've done ATT/cell phone mystery shops before, but never one of these revealed audits. I was wondering what these entail and how long/difficult they might be, so I appreciate the detailed description @KokoBWare gave! If you don't mind me asking, do these audits take a long time to prepare for?

There are a couple shops at $40 with make an offer on the job board right now, and I was considering whether or not to try one... What would be an acceptable fee for this shop?
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