What are these 'lie on a mattress if asked' mystery shops?

What do you have to do for the mattress shops and how long does it take?

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I have completed several over the years. The visit will run from 30 to 60 minutes, with a like time report; it depends upon the MSC for whom you are working. A closing comment: If a target is involved, add $10, as they do not always work the days you are given to shop.
I did one a year or so ago and am thinking of doing another if the price gets high enough. It took about half an hour but I was the only customer and so was helped right away. The shop isn't bad. There is at least one out there that is reportedly far, far worse.
I did one of these a few years back and the salesperson would NOT let me leave. I spent over 2 hours in the store.

When I did my report, all of the requirements had been met; all of the necessary questions/answers, etc....and I was able to give great detail about the sales person keeping me for so long, even though I tried to "politely be done...." The MSC apologized and gave me double pay, which was unexpected

That was just an anecdote ^^^ but other than that, I've done them pretty often and they are easy and seem to pay okay
The pay eventually gets bonused so it becomes decent...I've rarely been there more than 40 minutes...but I still hate them. I'm not sure why.
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