Verizon Purchase and return phone

Anyone down the phone purchase and return. The MSC will refund activation charges, etc. But I am afraid there will be some complication that will cost me additional money.

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I did one and they charged me a full month of service even though I returned the phone within the 30 return period, a week later due to weather. I returned it 5 days after purchase. They then proceeded to refuse to credit it back. There is nothing in the agreement that says you will be charged a minimum of one month service if you decided to cancel service and return the phone.

Perhaps it was my fault I didn't return the phone the next day. However the MSC did reimburse the activation fee, but it was too late to submit the monthly charges with the report because I only became aware of them a month after submitting the report.

Verizon then proceded to place the $75 debt on my credit report as an unpaid debt.
I just saw another request for shoppers to do this Verizon shop. It specifically says that the device you buy has to be returned within 2 days. People have apparently had a lot of problems with the corresponding AT&T shop. I don't recall a lot of complaints about Verizon (I might be wrong, and if so, I am sure that I will be told that I am wrong, which is OK with me).

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I did a Verizon purchase-and-return shop. I returned the phone, not activated, the day after the shop. I had asked the associate during the shop AND during the return to make sure there would only be a $50 charge. Verizon then charged me extra and, yes, sent the debt to collection because I would not pay. It took months of me trying to talk to someone on the phone. I always gave up due to LONG wait times (at least 30 minutes each time). It turned out the debt getting sent to collection was actually a good thing because the collection agency had a different phone number for me to call and a live person actually answered after a reasonable amount of time.

(BTW, I did an AT&T purchase-and-return from a vendor inside Costco, too. That shop was even worse.)
As it applies to AT&T. the return was a nightmare. I think it took six calls and being forceful for me to cancel; in my opinion, it is a $500 shop. If, though, you desire the service AND will not be cancelling, my guess is that the job is relatively easy.
I had trouble with an AT&T shop. I am still dealing with the problems from the AT&T shop over a year later almost 2 years now. I realize now in hindsight, I should have gotten a Verizon shop, and purchased the tablet that I am currently speaking to you on.

I have purchased and returned many things from Verizon. I have never had a problem. But I am long time Verizon customer, Both on landlines and mobile phones also, in California and here. Right now I'm hoping for Verizon to build out their 5G Network here so that I can get the 5G at home and actually have Wi-Fi that works in my house.

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