Citgo “reader board”

I am doing a Citgo shop and there is a question that asks if the “reader board”’is in good condition. It does not give an example of what it is and I can’t find it anywhere on the web. Please advise.

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I believe the reader board is the main price sign near the street.

Check for lights being out or rust.

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The Main ID, usually called the MID sign, is the usually large sign on a perimeter that identifies the brand and sets forth pricing for product grades. Some brands refer to it as the Primary ID Sign, or PID.

The reader boards are usually digitalized messages that move. They are usually in the convenience store window. They may advertise Lottery or other products.

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The reader boards can be digitized boards with messages, the type where the messages can change or move. A reader board also is a square sign where you can spell out things by manually putting letters in the slots. The part of the ID sign with gas price numbers does not count.
From the research I’ve done on the web, I believe this is the right answer. Unfortunately I emailed the scheduler but no response on the weekend of course. Shops are due tomorrow, I did get a bonus but I did tell her beforehand that I can’t do the shops tomorrow. I didn’t do them today because I didn’t know the answer and didn’t want to get it wrong and waste my time.
I've done hundreds of those and what I stated is what they will tell you. The reader boards can be free standing, on the ID, on the building, or anywhere. The old style are usually white, but anything where you can add letters to make words counts.
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