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Is it that time of year when the MSCs are signing contracts with clients? The end of the year makes sense for renewals, but I can't remember. I'm not seeing some of my favorite shops for December, so I'm just wondering.

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Different contract years for different clients/MSCs. Some MSC's clients do not do MS during the holiday stretch from Thanksgiving to New Year, no matter when their contract ends. Too many temp workers during that period.

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@nolimitem wrote:

[...]The end of the year makes sense for renewals, but I can't remember. [...]

No reason that the end of the calendar year would be when clients and MSCs renegotiate or start new contracts.

Many businesses have fiscal and budgetary years which are not congruent to calendar years.

Many businesses reevaluate their marketing and operations after seasonal rushes which differ by industry.

Many contracts are renegotiated based on their expiration dates which often are reflective of the anniversary of the contract.
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