KSS Shelly and Christy at SeeLevelHX

KSS Shelly has always been one of my favorite to work for- she is respectable to shoppers and answers emails. I am happy to do last minute shops for her-even if it is rearranging my personal schedule because I know she cares. I also have had good communication with Christy from SeeLevelHX which I am glad she works for them as there are others there who make it hard to want to help out SeeLevelHX.

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Thanks, I appreciate that. I like shoppers who get the job done. That makes my job so much easier knowing I can rely on you!

Shelly Martin
KSS International Inc.
I agree! I have done lots of shops for Shelly because she is frequently available.

And Christy is a very sweet person. I had some personal problems in December and had to cancel some shops. Most schedulers were decent about it and cancelled the shops without any comment. Christy was one of a few who actually reached out and made some very nice comments to me in support. I really appreciated that especially since I was brand new to mystery shopping at the time, I think I had done maybe one shop for her before, and she didn't know me from Adam.
Christy is indeed awesome. last summer I had a "beef" with an editor over an invalid shop(which was bs, i was told the cup didn't need to be marked lol), when Christy, who was overseeing the project, stepped in and offered to make up the money lost on my next shop. she continued making it up to me over the next month and a half, as I did around 250 shops for her, and was extremely well compensated for all of them. she was also there to respond to all my requests(and we both know there was a lot haha) to assign shops, change dates, add bonuses, etc... I was a pain in the ass, but the only thing she ever did was thank me. great person, great scheduler smiling smiley
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