Kara Coyner with See Level HX

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Just wanted to say I agree! I recently did a shop with this company and she was the scheduler, she was great!
I can't agree more. So easy and pleasant to work with. I will go out of my way to do a shop if she is the scheduler.
Most of the schedulers/editors with SeeLevelHX ROCK! I only wish they had more shops available in my area!
Kara is my scheduler (thank g__) for their restaurant job the end of the month. They do have a turn over, but I'm glad to know she's a good one!

Live consciously....
Hey Kara: If you are reading these kudos (and you should 'cause you are awesome) can you tell all of us if we can get a test redo in a year having failed it twice? I do fast food surveys for several other companies. My low score of 88% surprised me. It looks like I am now blocked from ever doing them for SeeLevel?

Mod note:
- It appears you were listing a client of this MSC. For this reason the name was removed since giving information that can link an MSC to its clientele is a violation of Forum rules.
- Although the initial sentence contains a kudo, the remainder of the post is seeking information. You may be better served by contacting Kara directly by phone or email.

Shopping SoCal and Maui.

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