Albatross and Kailea Humphreys

Late Monday night I received an email from Kailea that they needed a shop completed the next day and there was a bonus. I had never done a shop for Albatross before. I answered the email and was surprised to get a reply right away that the shop was assigned. I had several questions about the shop and Kailea answered all of them promptly both Monday night and Tuesday morning. I wondered if she ever slept! The shop itself went well and I received payment for it today, Wednesday. That has to be the quickest payment I ever received from a MSC. So bravo to Kailea and to Albatross!

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Albatross is terrific, everyone that works there is professional, helpful. Sometime they can't always answer back immediately, but like most schedulers, they get 100's of emails or more a day. Always try again or another scheduler for the company if its urgent. They are so nice to work with and for.
I have done various shops for them too and have always had good experiences. They are quick to answer questions and pay promptly. The questionnaires can be longer than for most other companies, but the pay rates are also higher.

These days I work wih Manuela in Sao Paulo and she seems to prefer to send assignments my way because she's always been happy with my work. I just wish they had more assignments in my area.
I did a recent shop for Albatross. Two times I went to the site and the named contact person was not there. Albatross paid me 1/2 the pay for both visits within 3 days. I saw the shop was still available the next week. I decided I would go to the shop first and then call to get assigned if the contact person was there. The contact person was there. Albatross approved the shop to be done since I told them I was at the store. I did the shop and got full pay within 3 days. I agree, KUDO's to Albatross.
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