Major Shoutout to Morgan at ACL!!!

So long story short - the 2015 ACL Shopper's Test was giving me a hard time (there seems to be a pattern going on here) I am telling you when I say this -- I haven't been anymore sure of myself that the answers I submitted on test were correct. Haven't been anymore sure in my life. Ever.


Took it again...


I almost went postal...

I emailed Morgan, she had me email her my answers... Guess what? Not sure what was going on, but she said my answers were perfect.

She got my account straight for me and cleared up the issue. Major Kudos for her kindness, understanding and not automatically thinking that I am just another crazy person who thinks, " I am right and the entire world is wrong." smiling smiley

I wanna give her a big hug.

Thank you!

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