Thanks to Bare International for writing explicit guidelines

Thank you to Bare for writing great instructions for their shops. Specifically, their food delivery/take-out shops. The guidelines are clear about what timings and pictures are needed. Sample pictures are provided so that the shopper knows what items (packaging, food, combination of both) needs to be in each photo. The level of detail provided made it clear that whoever wrote the guidelines had done the shop.

This is a belated thank you inspired by another poster's thread. [] Like anything else, it's not until something goes wrong that we realize how much effort it takes to make things go right.

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I have done pizza delivery shops with them and also found the directions for the photos to be very clear, with examples of good and bad photos. In fact, the project schedulers here say that you can send the pictures by WhatsApp to them before you eat it, and they quickly respond to say if they look okay or not.
I've done a number of electronic shops at one of the Big Box retailers for Bare and I would have to say that they are not too bad to do. They are easy to work with and I hope to do some other kinds of shops for them soon!

Silver certified (since 2009) and willing to do shops all around the greater Chicago, NW Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin areas (including airports!.
I thought the title was a joke. I'm doing the report for a heavily-bonused electronics shop whose instructions seemed very simple. Unfortunately, the report is horrendously long and asks for a lot of things that the instructions didn't cover. Not worth it even with the bonus.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
PNF, sorry about your report, but the title was in earnest. I did a takeout shop for a bar/restaurant chain, and the guidelines were very detailed and clear.

But I know what you mean. I've gotten burned (different MSC) because the guidelines and report were short and straightforward. The shop was estimated to take 20 minutes. Perfect, right? No. The shop itself took 2 hours. So many things went wrong and the guidelines had no instructions for contingencies.
They haven't had a decent job clubs and more health clubs....what happened to all their other jobs.

Live consciously....
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