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They are very awesome! And deserve compliments!!! Enjoy

Shopping in SanFernando valley!
Love to travel; bring it on.

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I did get a strike on my account while dealing with a family emergency, but a scheduler worked with me to get me some shops scheduled. I'm one away from removal of my strike. Whew. Good company so far smiling smiley Truly enjoying the shops I can pick up and typically, straight forward reports !

That's one thing I like about them, clinen. Only the last five(?) shops count toward your overall score. So if you have a scheduler who completely misleads you about a phone shop that you end up canceling, it's not the end of your shopping career with them. I know some don't like their no-fee shops, but they are relatively easy (relatively). Their hotel shops are about 1/5 as difficult as some others that have a fee.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
Can't wait to do a hotel shop for them! Does anyone know if they allow guests to stay too or do you have to stay solo?

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I've never seen anything requiring doing them solo. It is usually work for me while my guest enjoys the stay.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
For me they just don't pay enough for the amount of detail they ask for. Many shops just pay for food and that is it. I know I write reports a lot slower than others so I always go for high dollar, or simple reports. I do 5 Guys all the time in the 12-16.00 range and those are my comfort zone. Simple questions and a limit on answers, no pictures no narrative and questions.
Hi! What do you mean by a "strike" with A Closer Look? I am not familiar with that lingo.

I would assume that what was meant was that the shopper flaked or cancelled a shop unreasonably late and because it was an emergency, her scheduler worked with her to still see shops and get back into good graces. In reality ACL is never oblivious of your history, no matter how long. When you flake or cancel too late without good reason you may have your right to self assign shops removed at least temporarily. ACL can tell me that in more than 10 years of working with them I have had 3 cancellations and they can see that two of those were instigated by ACL because in one situation the location was closing permanently and in the other, it was a scheduler error. The third cancellation was for personal reasons done about a week before the shop date.
I just have to be honest here. I "flaked" on my first assignment but for very good reason. The night before the shop due date my step-daughter fell and broke her leg. (My guest and I both had to stay home to help step daughter to restroom and such.) I offered to send proof to ACL but they didn't ask for any. They just let me reschedule the assignment for any date I wished. How awesome is that? We ended up taking poor broken leg to said reassignment. I'm happy with the way the reassignment was handled.There was also some confusion about assignment comments. They thought I hadn't commented but I did, indeed, comment on all items. When, ACL learned their mistake they apologized ( not that I expected an apology! Things happen) and told me I had done excellent. That's why I was so happy I had to give them a shout out.

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I completely agree that they are, "Good people." Unlike the vast majority of MSCs they do try to build relationships of mutual respect with shoppers and I appreciate that in an environment that often feels like a wasteland of civility.
Yes, I had to "flake" or cancel a shop. I emailed in on a Tuesday for a Saturday shop and since it was the second time corresponding with the scheduler I assumed the shop was canceled. I flew out of town to visit with my father who was in danger of losing a leg and having to have mesh inserted into an artery. It all worked out, thankfully! Just got a strike and hated to get that blemish on my record :/

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