Reality Check

I am completely amazed at how quickly Reality Check pays for their shops. I did two shops in a week with the fourth of July mixed in, and they had the payment out within a week of the first one. Awesome job!

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That's great to know, I'm working for them in a week, and it's been so long, couldn't remember their pay schedule.

Live consciously....
Reality check pays two weeks after the shop is approved. They are great and accommodating.
Wondering if it's the shop, i don't remember being paid in two weeks, but am hopeful. I did a job 10 days ago, we shall see.

Live consciously....
Dont get use to it and dont do anything wrong because Lynette will block you from getting anymore of that same shop. They dont give you a reason or anything.
Who is the scheduler for Reality Check? I've been signing up for a reoccurring shop in my area and it keeps getting removed from my account and returned to the board, where it invariably expires. I've tried emailing twice to ask about it as well, and no response.
"some of the best companies in making sure payments are quick."

Actually that could not be farther from the truth. With a few exceptions, the companies paying the fastest do so in part because they pay the lowest. Fast pay is simply the proverbial carrot on the stick.

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