Arturo at TrendSource

I just want to give a major shout-out to Arturo at TrendSource. When I was hospitalized and unable to access my computer, he patiently took my inspection answers over the phone--even when I had to call back a couple of times because people came to examine me! He remained cheerful and encouraging, and, a few days later, when he asked about another job, he made sure I was feeling better. He definitely made me feel grateful to be a field agent for TrendSource!

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Wow! That is amazing! I have considered signing up with Trendsource for a while. Now, I surely will do so.
I hope you are feeling better!! <3

Trying to learn from all of these rockstars.
I agree he is extremely thoughtful, patient and always available should I have a question.
While I haven’t worked with him.. I have interacted with quite a few very understanding and friendly schedulers at Trendsource. That was so nice of him! Hope you are feeling better!!!
I have had the same experience with TrendSource. Always very accommodating. I only have one issue with them, but the manager was away so I am sure that will be fixed. I had (and still do)it was an automatic system generated "flag."
Chris at TrendSource (The Source) has been very good to me getting the grocery's close to my home and always takes my call.....thanks a heap!!!!

Live consciously....
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