The other Mercantile thread has been closed, so I must give a current kudo's to them. I did their phone in/take out job a few days ago, and had to give a negative report. I just get a 10 on all counts and a thank you for my hard, you see, they appreciate truth so they can do something about it.....I'm happy to know that.
Stellar company.

Live consciously....

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I hold Mercantile as my favorite MSC all around.

The companies (clients) shopped (nice benefits to me for shopping), the employees at Mercantile and the give and take between Mercantile and me.

Don't get me wrong, they have some very involved shops, but they go easier the more shops you do. Also, the auditors are familiar with the people you are shopping, as in "I'm very aware of XYZ employee".

There's a funny thing. Most of the shops I did for them, the people I was evaluating were not the ones I was evaluating the next time. Hmmmmm.

Unfortunately, they don't have shops where I relocated to.
I'm lucky, they have the restaurant 2 miles from me, a new home development 5 miles and several more, so no driving works, beside all the schedulers are great to work with...hoping they do direct deposit instead of checks one day, but not a biggie.....they are here in CA, maybe that's why they have jobs near me.

Live consciously....
I was in Texas when I was doing bunches of shops for them. It was one local restaurant company with about ten locations, it was high end to reasonable casual.

Irene, I would take as many shops from them that you can. The food was great and the whole experience was stress free. That's one of my requirements for shops. My experience is they shop very decent mid and upscale restaurants and/or bar combos.

The schedulers were wonderful once they knew you were reliable. The editors were really good at communicating.
I also do a bar audit at another restaurant in town and they have worked with me to no avail, couldn't get a receipt once and they let it go, head called me personally and worked it out, wish all companies treated their shoppers like this. I am working less, but do the restaurant in discussion whenever I get it.

Live consciously....
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